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on Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:24 pm
So you got a fancy new PC and would very much like to play the slightly older Sims 2 game on it. You're running an up-to-date Windows version, got a Full HD monitor and... the game just looks horrendous and the resolution won't go beyond 1600x1200. Surely the game can do better than that?

The answer is: yes it can. But until now it required messing about with configuration files of the game, which is not the most convenient way to get things fixed. This guide will not explain that; instead, we present you with a tool that does all the work for you.

Sims 2 Tweaks

Force texture memory
This overrides texture memory detection. If the game runs in extremely low quality with most graphical options disabled and whatnot, it might be best to override it. For high quality graphics, set this to 128 Mb or higher. Better yet: check the Device Info tab for the Texture Memory value and set it to the value listed there.
Disable Sim Shadows
This removes all shadows of Sims and Pets. If you see large black rectangle's at their feet in the game, apply this tweak to remove them.
Fix Radeon HD 7000 series recognition
If your card is one in the Radeon HD 7000 series, apply this tweak. It will make the game distinguish the (modern) Radeon HD 7000 series and the older Radeon 7000 series better, allowing higher quality graphics for the HD editions.
High Quality on Intel Graphics
The game normally disables some features on most Intel cards. If you have a modern Intel card, apply this tweak to keep those features enabled. May cause performance problems if your graphics card is not powerful enough!
Support VSync on Intel
VSync is disabled by default on Intel graphics cards, to avoid a flickering UI. If you experience flickering graphics in your game, toggling this setting may help.
Default/Maximum resolution
These allow you to increase the maximum resolution (as supported by your system) of the game. On modern systems you may want to set this to the highest resolution available (lowest in the list). Note that a high resolution may cause performance problems! The default resolution only applies when you first start the game (or if you remove your save game from the Documents folder). You'll probably need to apply the resolution through the in-game settings.

SimCity Tweaks

Fix Radeon HD 7000 series recognition
If your card is one in the Radeon HD 7000 series, apply this tweak. It will make the game distinguish the (modern) Radeon HD 7000 series and the older Radeon 7000 series better, allowing higher quality graphics for the HD editions.
Force card as fast graphics card
Adds a wildcard match for any graphics card as fast cards, enabling highest quality settings. Only some old GeForce cards are explicitly excluded. Use this if you do not get all the high quality graphics in your game, such as shadows, fog etc. Note that your CPU speed and memory may still influence this setting.
Force high quality settings
Forces all settings to be available in hardware rendering mode, regardless of the detected capabilities of your card. In particular, this means you get: high cars/sims detail, high quality shadows, clouds, fog and waves on, translucency on, colored cursor, maximum screen size and 32 bit colors. This may cause performance problems, so use with care!

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How to Use the GraphicsRules Maker Instruction Notepad and Pics (Recommended)
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Graphics Rules Maker Backup (Instructions Included)
[In case site is down]

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