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What is nettle tea good for? Empty What is nettle tea good for?

on Mon Jul 29, 2019 3:43 pm
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What is nettle tea good for? Brandn10

What is nettle tea good for?

Stinging nettles are not favorite plants for most people. We would rather walk around it when we come across them! Yet they do have their advantages if you manage not to be punctured. Nettles are packed with vitamins , minerals and other healthy substances, just like other herbs and leafy vegetables .
One of the easiest ways to profit from this is to make tea from it! But what is nettle tea good for? And also useful to know: how can you make nettle tea yourself? We tell you everything about it in our blog article today!

Nettle tea is healthy?
Nettles are used as medicines for centuries. The ancient Romans used the plant to disinfect animal bites, in the Middle Ages they put it in rheumatism, and also during the Renaissance nettle was known for its diuretic effect. In addition, those long millennia eaten nettles they were even known in many cultures as a very healthy vegetable .

That is certainly not for nothing! We now know that these stinging green leaves vitamin A include, B, C and K. Also there is a whole slew of minerals: calcium , phosphorus, iron , potassium, copper, magnesium , manganese and zinc . Finally nettle plant naturally rich in phytonutrients that can deliver many benefits already in very small quantities.

What is nettle tea good for?
About the health value of nettles so little doubt. The question is of course: Nettle tea offers the benefits you can get loose nettles? And that is just right for nettle tea? About the first question can be brief: yes, nettle tea brings a lot of advantages. What advantages that be exactly? Well, the next seven, for example:

1. Immunity
Nettle Tea contains several substances that can give a big boost your immune system. Vitamin C is an obvious example - not recommended for nothing as much to eat as you have a cold. In addition, there are several types of antioxidants in nettle tea, flavonoids and carotenoids.

Those are the dust free radicals at work, wastes that cause damage to your cells. By preventing antioxidants ensure again that you are less prone to viruses and other nasties!

2. Kidney and Urinary Tract
We mentioned earlier that nettles are already prized for centuries for their diuretic effect. It stimulates the passage of urine , so your body is able to carry off waste effectively. In this way, especially keep your kidneys and urinary tract cleaned better. A regular cup of nettle tea is useful to prevent kidney stones.

Also works well as support for your medication when you for example have a bladder infection. Finally nettle tea may help the symptoms of prostate problems. Here, however, more research needs to be done.

3. Pain relieving
Nettle tea is also able to relieve pain or even fully correct. Not for nothing the plant is already used for centuries as a painkiller, for example in the case of arthritis and other weight problems. Even if you have for example, suffer from muscle pain , headache or easy bruising may help nettle tea. Depending on the severity of the pain you feel the effect sometimes after one cup.

4. Anti-inflammatory
In addition, drinking nettle tea is also antiinflammatory, among other again thanks to antioxidants. Which is internally already quite handy: joint pain can provide relief for example. However, also externally, the effect may be visible.

So nettle tea can for example also be helpful in case of inflamed skin. Do you suffer from acne or eczema, the symptoms can diminish quickly. You can steep the tea too strong and then pat the skin with a cloth: some people get great results with it.

5. Digestion
The anti-inflammatory properties of nettle tea has even more advantages. For example, it also ensures that your digestive system remains healthy easier. Diarrhea and constipation reduce example if you regularly take a cup of nettle tea. One reason is that making your gut flora helps to stay healthy and balanced. Heal inflammation in your digestive tract easier!

6. Anti-allergy
This is a somewhat unexpected benefit of nettle tea, because we go there just cause from the nettles allergies. Not for nothing stabbing them properly if you touch them. However, if you are tea sets, reverses the effect of the plant again all about. You will then get antihistamine inside.

That neutralizes the 'false alarm' your immune system and thereby soften the symptoms of your allergies! Nettle Extract is precisely for this reason sometimes prescribed as medication for mild hay fever .

7. Cardiovascular
Finally nettle tea seems to be good for heart and blood vessels. Part of it is due to the aforementioned diuretic: hence you run less risk of high blood pressure. it also helps that potassium is in the tea, because it keeps the blood pressure low.

Finally, the anti-inflammatory properties of nettle tea is also useful here again, because it keeps the cardiovascular system healthy as well. All in all, this ensures that a regular cup of nettle tea can reduce the risk of heart attacks and related problems.

Create your own nettle tea
Nettle tea is just for sale in supermarkets and natural foods stores. But if you plant but yet you are in the garden, you can make it just as well fresh. To pick them, it is wise to put on gloves. This avoids having to pay for your cup of tea with sore hands.

Picking up younger leaves, the elderly can be bitter. Apply for each head loose leaves about two cups of water to a boil. Let the whole draw about ten minutes, and ready your nettle tea! Possibly you need for example a drop of honey add as you taste some bitterness.

What is nettle tea good for? 51210

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What is nettle tea good for? Empty Re: What is nettle tea good for?

on Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:55 pm
Stinging Nettle is natural medicine that has been tried and true for many centuries! Thanks for sharing!

What is nettle tea good for? LCpigrL

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What is nettle tea good for? Empty Re: What is nettle tea good for?

on Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:49 am
you know cinda, i think i'm going to make a pot of tea soon.
because it is indeed good to purify your blood
and whether it still has that dirty taste
or that it was just my thought
I'll let you know  rolllol

What is nettle tea good for? 51210
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What is nettle tea good for? Empty Re: What is nettle tea good for?

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