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Daily Prayer For May 9 , 2019 Empty Daily Prayer For May 9 , 2019

on Sat May 11, 2019 8:01 pm
Hello Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

We ask that you would open the eyes of our hearts that we may see you in the midst of our difficult circumstances. There are so many who are dealing with gut-wrenchingly difficult things…things that are humanly impossible to understand…things that are so painful they defy description…all they can do is cry and groan and reach out for the hem of your garment…the pain is so deep and we know short of your divine, miraculous intervention, that things just aren’t going to get better …so many deal with things that others don’t see…you see and you understand what no one else does…you know the sorrow, the fear, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain…you have a close up view that no one else has and so we cry out to you on behalf of each person who is dealing with things that they just don’t know how to endure…

Lord, may people see you and feel you in the midst of what they are going through…may they be wrapped in a blanket of comfort that only you can provide…may they remember your scars and all you endured and know that you are equipped to understand when no one else can…you alone have the wisdom and understanding to know what is needed…what direction to take…how to rise up out of the hellish places they are in with your strength and to find freedom and relief from the pain and turmoil they are in…you alone can carry them when they are too weak and weary to take one more step…you alone will never shy or turn away when there’s nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said as days turn into years with no relief in sight…

We don’t understand, but you do…we don’t see a way through these long, lonely painful dark valleys, but even the darkest places are not dark to you…you see the redemptive plan and the bright future that is obscured from our earthly view…you who defeated death…you who took on the weight of all of our struggles, pains, sins, nightmares and losses and every plan from the pit of h**l to try to destroy hope and life…you see how to redeem all that the enemy has used to rob, steal, destroy and bring devastation… you alone have a way of parting the veil so that your light can pierce the darkness…so beauty can rise from the ashes…so you can set the captives free and turn mourning into dancing and so hope and new life can spring forth from such desolate places.

You are the God of restoration and nothing is impossible for you and we are asking for miracles…we are asking for people to feel you and see you and to be comforted and moved by you in ways they didn’t know were possible. Lord, words fail us, but we know you never fail…may all who are needing what only you can provide, experience the power and might of our resurrected King.
It’s in Jesus’ name we ask these things. Amen

~Hope For The Brokenhearted
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