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Lilly LeClaire
Lilly LeClaire

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Hi Everyone!  It's been awhile with a lot happening but am able to get back to playing more of my TS2 game, third edition.

I've recently been playing in PV, so here's a PV up-date.  Dina and Nina Caliente have recently been married, both to college graduates.  (I tried to find them NPCs that I liked but got frustrated, so I created two young adults, Hayden Futa and Spencer Wheeler specifically for the twin sisters and sent Hayden and Spencer to Sim State University.)  Hayden meet both Dina and Nina, online, built the relationships and introduced Spencer to Nina.  After college graduation, Dina married Hayden, now Dina and Hayden Caliente in a private home ceremony on a sunny, warm Sunday and then Nina married Spencer the following Monday--also sunny and warm--although thunderstorms arrived during the reception which was also a private home wedding--each with the other couple in attendence.  Now Nina and Spencer Wheeler and Dina and Hayden Caliente are all living in the same house; however Nina and Spencer have been looking at the house next door and making plans to move.  That move may come soon as both families are growing. After 3 "WooHoo: Try for Baby" interactions Dina and Hayden heard the Lullaby and welcomed a son, Hunter, 3 days later.  Then, after 4 "WooHoo: Try for Baby" interactions, Nina and Spencer heard the Lullaby and later welcomed a son, Sterling.  They boys who were born hours apart and on different days but are actually the same age--due to the way the game ages--a day at a time.  They are both still infants (and in sleepers, not diapers--thanks to fakepeeps7 and Chris Hatch at MTS--love that mod and being able to put clothing on infants!)  One thing that's a bit confusing to me is that when I pull up the family picture before entering the lot, there is Spencer and Nina being "lovey, dovey" and embracing each other and then there is Dina and Hayden, each one holding an infant. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe Nina and Spencer will take a little longer to move with their built in babysitters.

Then, I didn't want to leave Don Lothario out, so I went into his lot and played him.  A while back, there seemed to be a lot of teens passing by his house, so I went into the neighborhood and sent some teen girls off to college:  Amber Dawn, Tosha Go, Margaret Turner, Meadow Thayer and Cathy Custer. They lived together for four years of college in a house built by Cathy's father which is called Custer House.  All the girls finished four years of college but so for only Cathy has left campus.  Two (newly created YA Sims) twins Jasmine and Jacqlyn Metier have moved into Custer House as Freshmen. Don and Cathy Custer "hit it off" and became engaged.  After Cathy graduated, she moved in with Don and they had a Summer outside wedding. it was a clear, warm day but both Don and Cathy got a little warm toward the end and had their cake inside (and a drink of water) to cool off. Cathy threw a "Wedding Party" and invited her former college housemates and they had a "Roof Raising" party with wedding cake (Cathy was nice and didn't smash it into Don's face), Champaign with lots of toasts and glass ringing kisses and fireworks.  Cathy and Don didn't waste anytime and with their first "WooHoo: Try for Baby" interaction, they heard the Lullaby.  Three Sim days later, they welcomed their first child, a son, Wayne.  (I thought of calling him Wade, as I thought that Wayne Lothario sounded better than Wade Lothario but probably should have gone with Wade, since I end up calling him that about half of the time.   :lol:)  Cathy threw Wayne an age transition "Birthday Party," inviting her college housemates and they had a "Great Party" with a successful age transition, birthday cake, fireworks, a bubble blower--never did get around to the champaign. I had to the Butler home early as he was interfering with Don bringing Wayne to the Birthday Cake.  Sorry, Hun, but you can't interfere with birthday cakes!   Very Happy   Oh, the second firework that Don set off blew up in his face and he was black and fried looking and heading for the bathtub and there are Cathy and her friends laughing at him--not sure if that got me extra points or not but I could see the humor in it. And, yes, Wayne got a make-over--new clothing and hairstyle.   Wayne has learned a Nursery Rhyme, to Talk and to Walk.  Unfortunately, Wayne is what I call a "fly baby".  Whenever he has dirty pants, the flies buzz around him.  Haven't checked his personality, yet, but I'm guessing he's low on the sloppy/neat scale. Wayne has Maxis Skin #2 and Light Blue Eyes like his mother and Black Hair like his father. Cathy is ready to go back to work at her job in the Politician career where she's working to become Mayor. Don's working his way up in the Medical career to Chief of Staff and has made it to Specialist.  I'd say, once they arrive at the top of their careers they will be a real power couple-maybe that's why they both drive "cool" cars to work.  In the mean time, I'm predicting more NooBoos arriving. Fortunately, a while back, Cathy hired a Butler, Hun Phelps who doesn't always earn his wages but isn't the worst that I've had.  Maybe I should get more plants that need attending to outside so he has more to do and then there's the more babies option.   :lol: Don has added on to his house--a room off the back, entered by a door that replaced a window just before the Sims go upstairs, is now a nursery and above it a workout room and another bathroom.  Don and Cathy's bedroom with the en suite bathroom and the extra room take up the whole second floor.

It seems that my PV neighborhood is being over run by boys:  Brandi Broke has three boys, Darren Dreamer has a son, the Goth household has a son and now a son each in the Caliente, Wheeler and Lothario households.  The only girls are the Pleasant twins: Angela and Lillith.  (Oh, Mary-Sue and Daniel have made up and are in love--so there may be a NooBoo in the wind there as well.)  It will be interesting to see what gender the next NooBoo is. Since Dirk Dreamer and Cassandra Goth has been seeing a lot of each other, there may be another wedding in the wind.  Oh, Don Lothario ran away when Cassandra proposed to him--no problem for me as I wanted Darren and Cassandra to get together.  Not sure how the ghost of Darlene Dreamer will take that--so far the ghost of Michael Bachelor has been pretty quiet at the Caliente household.

I hope you all are doing well and having fun Simming!

Lilly   flower  

I'm Loving Life and Learning along the Way.    extrahappy

Lilly  flower
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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:20 pmBBdoll3
Good Sunday Afternoon Darlin!  I must say, I have been very absent in the past few months, with only a pop in and pop right out to check for anything new.   I miss coming here and reading and looking at what peeps have posted, but it is just not working in my schedule right now.  I do think of everyone and send prayers.

I have not been able to play my games or build, and it's quite frustrating that so much of my play and fun time has been interrupted by things not in my control.   Thanks posting updates on your game.  This makes me yearn to play my game even more.  So glad you have time to pop in and play your game.

I hope to be back to the fun stuff soon.

Much Love 4 U Always,
   Carlotta (BBdoll3)
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