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Welcome to Beacon Falls the new uberhood with more scandal than I could ever imagine.  But before we begin I want to take a moment to pay respect to those who did not survive the storm. Beginning with the Caliente's .  Dina and  her younger sister Nina were the only ones to come out of the storm unscathed.  It was going to be Dina's responsibility to help her younger sister make it through her toddler and  childhood years  before she left for college.  With the life insurance  policies that were left by her parents, uncle and  grandparents Dina  was able to hire a nanny to care for Nina while she went off to school.   So driven Dina  managed to get herself into private school so that she and  her boyfriend Michael Bachelor could attend the  same school .  [/size]
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Michael Bachelor  also  grieved the lost of his parents  but fortunately his sister Bella and his brother in law Mortimer Goth took him  in.

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Sadness fell upon Don Lothario who not only lost his parents Niccolo and Adriana but also his little brother Dante.  After a brief stint in the Simville Orphanage he moved back to his family home once he became a teen and brought along with him Gordon Nott and Rosemarie  Jitsamiel.
Tragedy did not skip the Pleasants or the Brokes for the Pleasant family Daniel lost both his parents  and his younger sister though saddening Daniel was relieved in away that most of  his illegitimate children perished as well .Now he can save some money on all the child support payments he had  been making.   For  the Broke's the loss  of the children after Beau and the loss  of  Flo and Flat not to mention Bettie and Bob had sent the Broke's into seclusion.
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