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If they could only stay little just a little bit longer. This is a wish of many parents in the simworld.  But as time passes children do grow up into teens.  Some have high ambitions to attend college, some just want to get by while others want nothing more than to sponge off of Mom and Dad.
It is here that we follow those who want it all.  Those who are goal orientated working to get it all or at least as much as I allow them. Muhawhawhaw.

The young adults in the Port  Whitewater Uber Hood have several choices to choose from for schools of higher learning.  There is Port Whitewater University, La Fiesta Tech which is on the outskirts of Sedona Flats and  Strangetown.  La Academie Le Tour located between Veronaville and Belladonna Cove and of course Sim State right outside of Pleasantview.
Port Whitewater University has a spacious campus buzzing with all sorts of activities.  There are pep rallies, and Soccer games, concerts featuring  Valentine and the Monotones, and of course your standard clubs and organizations like the chess club, future Astronomers of Uber Hood and of course the future Homemakers of Uber Hood.  There is even a  Secret Society of  Llama Llama Ding Dong where only a select few meet the requirements to become members.  As with all colleges, there are the prestigious Fraternity and Sorority Houses where brother and sisterhood are reinforced for lifelong BFFs.

Whitewater Dorms:
Bound together by a common thread, Callista Nelson, Shannon Thatcher, Valerie Watkins and Cate Warren were roommates long before going to college.  They had grown up together in one of the dingy rooms at the Boolprop Orphanage.  Making a pact the four vowed to stay together and be best friends forever. If one should fall short of their goal the others would be there for them always.  Each girl bears a scar from their time at Boolprop .

For Callista and Valerie, it was the desire of having something more and usually getting nothing at Boolprop whether it be a  new pair of  shoes or even a second helping of what Boolprop called food.  Oh, how they envied the nicely dressed children of the Uber Hood when all they had were hand me downs that were always 2-3 sizes too big.  For Shannon, it was constantly being bullied at school for not having nice clothes and being from Boolprop.  Then there is Cate who longed for love and attention.  Sure her friends loved her but she wanted and needed more.  Each of these scars that the girls carry will define them as they become young adults.
Callista, Valerie, and Shannon will be driven by ambition to make a difference.  While Cate will be constantly looking for the love and attention she craves.
As the girls become teens each went out and got part-time jobs Callista delivered papers, Cate worked as a dishwasher and sometime waitress for Natasha  Una-Cho.  While Valerie and Shannon were cashiers at H&M  clothing stores. They saved and pooled their meager earnings never splurging upon themselves so that they could all attend University together.
Once the girls graduated from High School they packed the little belongings they had which were basically the clothes on their backs which the Social  Workers at Boolprop demanded once they were settled to return.  They piled into the cab not wanting to look back at the life that they had, but to the future that they would make.

Callista Nelson always had a knack for saving simoleons.  From the time she was a child, she had a paper route.  With aspirations of going into the business world, she had dreams of making a change at the Boolprop Orphanage.   How she wanted to change things so that no other “townie” child would not have to live under the same conditions that she and her friends had to endure.
The one thing Shannon hated growing up was being called a  “townie”.  Townies always had the reputation of being annoying all the popular kids usually forgot they were even around when they would follow them home from school.  They'd never invite them to stay for dinner or even have a simple conversation with them.  The townie children or teens would just watch television which was not allowed at Boolprop.  How Shannon had yearned to be friends with the popular kids like Dustin Broke and the Pleasant Girls.  But no one seemed to want to give her the time of day.  But things were going to be different now.  She and her Boolprop friends now had a chance to make something of themselves.  Unsure of the direction she wanted to go in Shannon felt the same way as Callista in making a difference at Boolprop.

Valerie also shared the same goals as Shannon and Callista with rectifying the wrongs that Boolprop did to the Townie children, for the most part, many grew up to be either Criminals or Professional Party Guests at seedy Cat Houses.
Within the first couple of days of moving into their dorms each girl took a penchant of their savings to shop for some new clothes and of course, they packed their rags and sent them back to Boolprop for some other unfortunate soul.
With the University campus being so big Cate got turned around a  couple of times and ended up at the Student Union frustrated she stopped a passing student.  Shyly and slightly flirtatious Cate introduced herself to the blond blue-eyed hunk.  He reciprocated by introducing himself as Rupert Fisher.  As she checked out Rupert she purred a series of Heart Farts about him.  As they chatted about their studies she developed the strongest desire to ask him out on a date.  Nervously Cate asked Rupert if he'd like to accompany her shopping.  Eager to spend more time with Cate,  Rupert agreed.  Rupert took Cate to the University Shop so that she could buy some new clothes and get a new haircut, and when she had come up short he was more than happy to cover the expense.  Feeling the rush of falling in love.  Impulsively Cate gave Rupert a kiss, it was her first kiss and what a rush she felt, it was as if she was floating on air.  They spent the rest of the evening joking and playing around.  It was when Rupert suggested that they go back to his place that Cate politely ended the date stating that she had to work on her term paper.

Cate floated back to the dorms with shopping bags in tow.  One look at her the other girls instantly knew something was amiss. Following Cate, to her dorm room, it was Valerie who asked: “What's going on with you?” Cate giggled  and  blushed  while replying “I think I'm in Love!”  With startled looks on their faces simultaneously they inquired with WHO???? Cate proceeded to tell her friends all about her dream date with Rupert Fisher.  After all her new things were put away Cate tried to concentrate on her term paper.Rupert had called later that evening but Cate never got the call.  She was too engrossed in working on her term paper and Callista did not want to disturb her.

As their first Semester was coming to an end and finals just around the corner the other girls were finding it difficult to keep Cate on track.  After that dream date with Rupert, Cate couldn't resist going on more dates so she asked fellow dorm mates Orson, Scott, and Cassius boy were they great kissers not to mention the Llama Mascot Sloan Hughes.
With Finals out of the way. The girls all made the dean's list which added an additional 4,800 simoleons to their household First things first each girl needed to select their major Cate decided upon an Art Major, Shannon chose Political Science, Valerie and Callista chose Biology Majors.  The next order of business was a  vacation to celebrate their success.

The Brothers:
Ross Beckett was surprised to find out that it was Charlie Fletcher's posting that he replied to for a housemate.  He knew Charlie because both had grown up at Boolprop.  They were never friends because of the different circle of friends that each had.  While Charlie spent his time concentrating on his studies and helping Social Worker nicknamed  Sister Mary Elephant with the smaller children.  Ross ran with a much faster crowd.  Ross was surely headed for a life of crime.
There was one thing that they did have in common on their 18th birthdays they each acquired a trust fund in the amount of 50,000 simoleons each.  This was news to them for all their lives they each thought that they had nothing.  Both thought it was just what they needed to get out of Boolprop and have some fun.  But unfortunately, the Trust came with a  stipulation.  The Trust could only be accessed if they went to college and once they graduated they would receive an additional 50,000 simoleons.

While Charlie relished the idea that he had a “free ride” for college.  Ross, on the other hand, wanted to blow the stash and party like a rock star until it was gone, then go back to doing what he did the best living on the outskirts of the law.  Ross was sorely disappointed when he learned that he had to go and complete college the get the second half of the trust.
As Ross and Charlie were getting reacquainted in their house on Campus Drive.  They couldn't believe all the things they had in common,  besides growing up in Boolprop, there was the Trust Fund each had acquired on their 18th birthdays.  Little did they know that there was even a bigger bond that they shared. Charlie and Ross talked into the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything even the fact that they both had the same nickname for the head Social Worker of Sister Mary Elephant because she was always telling them to be QUIET!Ross confided to Charlie that he didn't think this college thing was for him, he really didn't get the best grades in school.  Charlie reassured him that he would help him in every way he could. The two housemates spent almost all their time together, going to the gym, studying at the library and watching Llama games.  True to his word Charlie made sure that Ross went to class every day and tutored him with his homework as well.  All leading up to their first semester finals.  While Charlie was confident that Ross would not only pass his finals but would make Dean's List as well.

All those nights of tutoring and studying were done in vain for Ross.  The class that he decided to skip was the class that was administering his final exam.  By doing this it not only put Ross on academic probation it also put him into Aspiration failure.  On the other hand, Charlie breezed through his finals and even made Dean's  List.  Seeing his friend Ross in Aspiration failure bothered Charlie immensely.  He vowed to Ross to help him by going to the professor and ask if Ross could have the opportunity to make up the exam.

The Sorority  Chapter  House of Cham Fruhm Var:
Sara Mahesh was totally knocked for a loop when she found out about the Trust Fund that she acquired.  Growing up orphaned she didn't think she had any family least of all a wealthy one.  It was because of her money and her friendship with Heather Huffington that Cham Fruhm Var had requested Sara start a Chapter House at  PWU.  This task Sara took seriously and wasted no time getting pledges,  her first two were Sheila Powers and Sophia  Bradley who were acquaintances from Boolprop.  Once Sheila and Sophia became full members of the Sorority.  The three sat down to set the criteria for becoming a member of the Sorority.  The criteria for becoming a member were quite simple:  First, no fuglies were allowed, Second have at least a C average, have a stellar reputation, be on the dean's list every semester, and of course be willing to share their wardrobe.  Then, of course, there was the house rules no parties after midnight, always be presentable, as in no going to class in pajamas or underwear and above all no woohooing on the premises. Sophia and Sheila thought those were simple rules and regulations, and for sure they would have pledges beating down the door.
Sophia Bradley was fortunate to get into University along with her two friends Sara and Sheila she too was orphaned with one exception they had a mysterious benefactor and she didn't.  But nonetheless, she transitioned into Sorority life with ease making friends wherever she went. After all who knows she may meet her future husband.  Someone she could spend the rest of her life with.  Oh, such wistful thinking. That was until Sara interrupted her thoughts and told her she better start skilling.

No sooner than she picked up her paint pallet and with one stroke on the canvas.   Some guy entered the house and started to poke her and it hurt! Then he started to do the Chicken Dance.  Her Sorority sisters didn't even bother to look up from their studies to notice what was happening to her.  As she began to plead with him he didn't say a  word as he first handcuffed her, then blindfolded her. Ashe led her out of the house to an awaiting limo.  Once inside the car Sophia thought the audacity this guy didn't even have the courtesy of introducing himself and second of all if she was being arrested what on earth did she do?   The next thing that happened was the low frightening voice she was informed that whatever happened that evening was not to be repeated to Anyone! “Oh,  My Sim,” thought Sophia I'm going to die! Thoughts raced through her mind of how she was going to get out of this but unfortunately, her mind drewa blank primarily due to the fact that she had no logic skills!  
The ride was long and Sophia grew more terrified with each corner they turned.  If only she had at least one Logic skill point!  She could somehow deduct the direction she was going in!  When the limo finally came to a complete stop.   Sophia vowed that if she made it out of this predicament she would start learning some Logic Skills.

Sophia heard the back door of the car open, and someone took her hand and led her out of the car.  This is it thought Sophia  I finally get into college and Bam! It's over.  As the blindfold was removed Sophia had the look of a deer caught in the head lights when all of a sudden she was surrounded by people laughing, clapping and congratulating her.  Confused she inquired what was going on.  Rupert Fisher the student she met at the University shop Congratulations Sophia you are now an official member of the elite order of Llama Llama Ding Dong Secret Society.  Then Rupert proceeded to do the chicken dance and explained to Sophia that it was their secret handshake. He informed her that it was a way of telling members apart from other students.  As Sophia began talking with other members she inquired what exactly do you do here? Skill, of course, replied  Peter Hewitt and Robbie Meadows in unison.  They also told her that she could hack her grades and counterfeit simoleons having to be careful not to get caught.  Robbie then proceeded to show Sophia how to use the counterfeit machine.  Needless to say, he got a little carried away .  Soon sirens echoed through the air and Robbie was fined  1,000 simoleons and got a slap on the wrist for doing the counterfeiting.
When Sophia joined Jonah Harper in a game of chess.  He warned her to be extremely careful of the evil cow plant. Sophia looked at him quizzically and asked “Cow Plant”?  Jonah replied yes Cow Plant you must feed it brontosaurus legs to keep it happy and under no circumstance are you to take the delicious looking cake it offers from it's mouth.  Looking at Jonah strangely Sophia asked what happens?  Jonah proceeded to tell Sophia that the Cow Plant will eat you!  On that note, Sophia felt that it was time to leave but not before feeding the Cow Plant a couple of brontosaurus legs.

During  Sophia's  absence, Sara and  Sheila began to talk.  It was Sara who first stated that she had a benefactor who had paid for her entire college education.  What a strange coincidence  I have a benefactor too! replied Sheila.  As the two talked they discovered both the identical trusts with the identical terms.  Even more, they discovered that they arrived at Boolprop on the same day.  Sheila a  Psychology major turned to Sara and said this needs to be investigated.  Sara agreed.
Upon Sophia's return, Sara  and Sheila inquired where she had been.  Sophia just replied that she was just out.  For the remainder of their first semester, the Cham-Fruhm-Var sisters concentrated  on their skills, studies, and recruiting pledges.  Sophia decided upon a Literature major while Sara chose Political Science. Sophia thought she found love with the Cow Mascot Angelina but soon passed when Angelina began flirting with another house guest.

Tri-Annys Fraternity:
After receiving their Trusts for  College Trenton Jenkins and Howard Lowe headed to Port Whitewater University.  Both felt very fortunate that they both received funding for the school , but neither questioned who the benefactor was or the possible tie they had besides growing up at Boolprop.
Upon their arrival, both had wanted to join a Fraternity but none were on the campus.  Putting their heads together and pooling their money Trenton and Howard rented a two-story mansion.  Then they sent in the application for a charter and named the house Tri Annys.  Their first two pledges where Bryce Amos and Bailey Clark both had delivered the daily paper in the Uber Hood.  
Bailey and Bryce both saved up their earnings from their paper routes to get to college, and both were honored to be accepted right away to the brand new fraternity house.

Ground rules were set.  The only requirement was that the new pledges had to meet was that they could not be on academic probation.  As the new Frat brothers got to know one another Bailey announced to all he was highly knowledgeable and id any of the guys needed tutoring he'd gladly help them. As each of the frat brothers finished their term papers they took a bit of the house money and went shopping and then it was off to the gym.  At each place, they visited they looked for possible pledges.  All four of the Frat boys became acquainted and befriended Rupert Fisher at the campus store.  Then there was Peter Hewitt at the gym.  It had been agreed upon at the house that Rupert Fisher would be invited to pledge to Tri-Annys.

That evening, while everyone was playing poker with Llama Mascot, Sloan Hughes and Trenton, were practicing chess. A tall mysterious male student entered the house, as he approached  Trenton appearing to try to initiate a fight with him by poking him several times then the stranger began doing a chicken dance.  The next thing Trenton knew he was being handcuffed,  blindfolded and led out of the house and into the back of a car.  Oblivious to what was happening to Trent , Bailey, Bryce, and Howard continued with their card game.
Somewhat frightened but on the other hand exhilarated Trenton was placed in the backseat of a limo and was then taken away from the Tri-Annys Fraternity House.  Sitting blindfolded in the car an ominous voice instructed him that he could not speak about the upcoming events to anyone or else.  This shocked  Trenton and had put him a little on edge, soon the exhilaration he had felt soon turned to apprehension of what was going to be his fate on this midnight ride.
The ride seemed to last for hours before the car came to a complete stop.   At his final destination Trenton was led out of the car, then the handcuffs and blindfold were removed.  With his eyes readjusting from the blindfold.  He heard clapping and cheering from a group of fellow students or at least he thought they were students first he saw Rupert then Peter “Whew “ he thought at least I know some of them.  Before Trenton mingled with any of the Society members the first order of business was to feed the mighty Cow Plant it's brontosaurus leg as was instructed to him on his ride to the house.  Trenton approached Rupert and asked where in the sim was he?  Rupert then replied “  Well my friend you are an official member of the elite secret society of the Llama Llama Ding Dong.  It is here, my friend that you will be able to skip class and get one of us flunkies to write your term paper and do your homework, and best of all your semester time will fly by!

Rupert then began giving Trenton putting lessons, that's because all Society Members play putt-putt. Rupert told Trenton that the more he played the more he'd boost those Charisma Skill points.  To Trenton, this sounded more fun than kissing and or talking to himself in the mirror.  After putting for awhile Trenton had the urge to paint a picture of something leaving his putter behind Trenton went to the easel that was located on the first floor.  Right in the middle of his painting Rupert waved goodbye, Trenton was too engrossed with his painting to notice Rupert Fisher leaving, little did he know that it would be the last time he would see his friend again.For poor Rupert had fallen victim to the enticing piece of cake that the Cow Plant had to offer.  Seeing that his first semester finals were approaching soon Trenton thought it best that he heads back to the Frat House.  As he went to wait for his ride home the Cow Plant beckoned him to please milk it, which Trenton obligingly did.  As he drank the milk the plant had to offer little did he know that he was drinking what was left of his friend Rupert Fisher.
Refreshed from his nap and with time to spare Trenton had time for a little game of 8 Ball with Bailey and Howard.  As  Trenton ran off for his finals his other Frat brothers had class.  Trenton managed to ace his exams with an A+ and made Dean's List as well.  Now came the daunting task of figuring out what to major in as Trenton thought and thought he came to the conclusion that Psychology would be a good choice.  With that taken care of, Trenton began his Term paper.

That evening during their weekly Texas Hold-em game with Sloan Hughes, the Llama  Mascot.  Bryce took to the chess table.  That was until some girl wait no girls were allowed in the Frat house unless they were invited! As she approached Bryce just as with Trenton she began to poke him then did the chicken dance before she cuffed and blindfolded Bryce.   This meant only one thing it was Bryce's turn to be initiated into the loyal order of the Llama Llama Ding Dong society.  The instructions that were given to Trenton were also given to Bryce.  As with Trenton, Bryce too had to appease the mighty Cow Plant with brontosaurus legs.  In the fenced in area with the Cow Plant was a grave.  Curiosity got the best of Bryce so he went over to get a look at it.  The inscription on the headstone read  “Here Lies Rupert Fisher”  stunned Bryce thought no wonder he was no longer in the student directory. It was a fellow society member named Weston something or another who introduced Bryce to the wonderful Gentleman's game of putt-putt informing him that it was a great way of building up those Charisma Skills.    After a few rounds of the game, Bryce cut his game so that he could head over to take his finals.

Bryce was quite pleased with himself for not only did he ace the exams he also made Dean's List not bad for his first semester.  It was at this time that Bryce had decided on majoring in Biology how this major is going to help him in the business world is beyond me!  Bryce began his term paper on “Why Frogs hate Sims” when Weston whatever his last name is, came to say goodbye too engrossed with his work Bryce didn't look up to acknowledge his friend leaving.  Little did Bryce know that it would be the last time he would see his  friend again.   Just like society member Rupert Fisher Weston whatever his name is too fell victim to the delectable piece of cake that the Cow Plant had to offer. As Bryce was about to leave the Society House he was beckoned to milk the Cow Plant unaware that he was drinking his friend Weston whatever his name is. Upon his return home, Bryce showered and went straight to bed.  For the next two consecutive nights, the same occurrence happened to both Bailey and Howard.  Bailey and Howard found that they could skill faster at the Society House.

As the Frat Brother's first semester was coming to an end the House was becoming more and more popular as well as their reputations on campus.  All four passed their finals and made Dean's list as well as having selected their majors that were except for Howard who couldn't decide between an Art or Drama Major.  The Fraternity was successful with adding two new members  Flynn Wallis and William Williamson.  

There is a word of warning to beware of not being invited to the house.  Because arriving and staying uninvited will have it's repercussions.  Unfortunately, that is what Angelina the annoying Cow learned as a swarm of flies enveloped her.
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