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As Sedona Flats fades away in the distance.  The scenery begins to change.  You begin to see greener surroundings, lush foliage and the smell of lake air.  You are now entering the small community of Crescent Village bordering Lake Crescent and adjacent to the larger community of Port Whitewater.  Crescent Village is a  small township but is beginning to grow as many families are moving to the area with their new families for a quiet life.  Crescent Village does have it's own local government with it's own presiding Mayor as well as it's own police department which is very seldom called, and not to mention it's own school district which has been voted the best in the Uber hood.

Presiding over the little township is Frida Augustine she emphasizes the importance of growing small business in the area to bring more residents to the quiet area.  Her Husband Miguel is the president of the Crescent Village School Board whose platform is  No Child should be denied a private education and assists many families in getting their children into the prestigious institution.  
The Augustine's have not had the most perfect marriages; both have had their share of affairs.  The one that had almost cost their marriage was Frida's affair with her Doctor and and friend  Dr. Niccolo Lothario.  Though Frida was told after having her eldest daughter Linda that she couldn't have any more children, Frida found herself pregnant with another man's child.
After announcing the news to Miguel a heated argument ensued.  Though both still loved one another it was not certain if the marriage could survive this infidelity.  After several months of counseling and the birth of a daughter Raven, the couple reconciled.  Miguel agreed to raise Raven as his own under the condition that they try one more time for a boy.  It was back to the doctor for Frida this time she went to see Dr. Goodie. Who then began fertility treatments.  The next pregnancy had been very strenuous on Frida who was always sick and extremely fatigued.  It was at one of her checkups that Dr. Goodie ordered an ultrasound.  Excited to see the baby on the monitor.  Excitement soon turned to shock for there was not one baby but five!
In the weeks that followed Miguel and Frieda welcomed daughters Chase, Dylan, Genesis and Macy along with a son Rhett.  Elated over having the babies Miguel wanted to have a total of 10 babies.  Frida politely told her husband that if he wanted to have any more babies he could have them!

Across the street and on the shores of Lake Crescent Owen and Maida Ejess moved into a spacious cabin on the lake with their small family.  They were going to need the room especially since they were in the process of adopting their good friends George and Gina Newsom's children after their tragic car accident.  The poor Newsom babies left without parents Owen and Maida felt that it was only right that they take them into their home.
The Adoption agency would not let the Ejess's adopt the children all at once because of the screening process, but were assured that all the Newsom children would be placed in their home.  The first to arrive was Ginger such a sullen child when she arrived, but with love and nurturing not only from Owen and  Maida but from older sister Ana Ginger would blossom into a happy well-adjusted  child.  It was after the arrival of Ginger's  brother Gavin much to Maida's surprise she found herself expecting.
It had been after Ginger's arrival that the Ejess's agreed that Maida would go to work with good friend Tazanna Caer marketing Sullivan Caer's new fragrance line Caer No. 5.  While Owen would be a stay at home dad.  As  Ginger's  birthday approached so did Maida's due date.  With long talks with Owen, it had been decided that they would hold off on the adoption of the remaining Newsom children until after the birth of the baby.
The night of Ginger's party everyone showed up Ana, with husband Ramir, the Caer's Sullivan andTazanna, the Ramaswami's and Ramir's  parents the Patels.  Steaks were seared on the grill followed by birthday cake.  As  Ginger went to blow out her candles Maida started feeling kind of weird.  All she thought was now not during Ginger's Birthday.  But of course, it had to happen.  Maida's  water broke and contractions began.  As Maida was twirling and popping out babies everyone was still enjoying their dinner and birthday cake.  It wasn't until there were four babies on the floor before anyone to take notice of what was going on.  Yes dinner and birthday cake was that good.  Once the cake was gone it was Ana who came over to help her mother out with her new siblings.
So for Ginger's birthday, she got a little more than she bargained for two new sisters Octavia and  Sojourn and two brothers Maverick and  Oliver.  Needless to say Ginger was not thrilled.
Maida's friend and business partner  Tazanna  Caer had always believed in her husband  Sullivan. Especially when he told her about his desire to launch a fragrance line.  But that had been put on hold so long ago while their daughter Olivia was lingering in a coma.  Once Olivia was well enough to leave the hospital and rejoin her awaiting family.   Tazanna and Sullivan invested their entire life savings to start up their business.  To their amazement, the signature fragrance of Caer No. 5 took off where there were hiring more people to keep up with the demand.  

With business booming and for the first time in their lives of being financially secure.  Tazanna felt her simlogical clock ticking away.  One morning over coffee Tazanna blurted out to Sullivan that she wanted another child. Much to her surprise Sullivan replied let's go for it! And so they went for it and soon they had the pitter patter of little feet belonging to a daughter Mollie.
Also residing in the Crescent Townhouse complex is Tiffany and Brad  Burb.  Tiffany is the Editor of the High fashion magazine Simopolitian while Brad runs his own Architectural firm in the village.  Both are highly successful in their careers.  But like many women Tiffany's age with one child out of the house and being an empty nester.  Baby Fever took hold.  It didn't take much persuading of Brad to convince him it was what she wanted.  Brad agreed to one more baby but as we all know in the megahood there is no such thing as one baby.   So Tiffany and Brad were shocked with the arrivals of Addison and Talon.
After the birth of their grandson Rick Contrary, Stormy and Chase Miller found a comfortable condo on Lake Crescent.  They had liked the idea of having maintenance free living with the feel of being on vacation.  Little did they know that their perfect new home had little inhabitants.  As they were moving in boxes into their basement there were telltale signs of someone living there.  From their deduction, it had to be at least two, with sleeping bags on the floor and empty food containers scattered about.
Unsure of whether to call the authorities, first they decided to lay in wait to see who was living there.  Peering in one of the outside windows they saw two children no more than 9 or10 get off the school bus.  Once the the bus drove away they ran to the far side of the house and climbed through an open window.
It was then Stormy and  Chase entered the condo to see why they had these two little inhabitants.  Quietly Chase approached the two startling both as they were working on their homework and asked  them their names assuring both that they were not in any kind of trouble.  The boy stood up and said that his name was Diamond and that this was his younger sister Garnet.  As they began to talk Stormy and Chase learned that the children 's parents had been killed when a  satellite crashed into their house.  With no other family to take them, they were forced to go and live at the Boolprop Orphanage downtown.  The orphanage was so overcrowded that the children were forced to sleep  6 to a room with only 3 cots in each room, and all the Social Workers gave them to eat were grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and  dinner.  The story Diamond told broke the Miller's hearts and they felt that there was no way that they'd  send the children back to those conditions.  Diamond pleaded with the Millers not to return he and his sister back to Boolprop. Chase assured the children that they could stay with them while he did some inquiries.
It was that evening after making up makeshift beds for the children that Stormy and  Chase had a serious heart to heart about the situation in front of them.  For Stormy hearing, their horrific living conditions  and how the children lost their parents there was no choice in the matter the children had to stay with them.  Chase had agreed with his wife but he had to check into some things for  legal purposes.
The next morning Stormy made the children a huge breakfast of pancakes that thrilled both Diamond and Garnet for they had not had pancakes since the deaths of their parents. Before sending the children off to school Stormy and Chase made the children promise to return back to the condo after school.  With hugs for both Stormy and Chase, the children went off to school.
As a Family Law Attorney Chase had access to all the vital records for the Uberhood.   He found the death certificates for  Gem and Ruby Gemstone. Also in the Gemstone file was the information about the *****   satellite accident that took their lives and how their two orphaned children had been placed in the Boolprop Orphanage.   Due to Chase having no appointments that morning he decided to take a trip over to the orphanage to see if it was all that Diamond said it was.  

The orphanage was located in the seediest part of downtown.  The house looked old and dilapidated with broken windows and peeling paint.  The steps leading up to the front door creaked to the point that Chase thought they would break at any moment.  Knocking on the front door he was greeted by a  spinster like Social Worker asking him what was his business.  Thinking quickly Chase replied that he wanted to tour the facility to see if there were any children that he might be interested in adopting.  The next thing that came from the social worker shocked Chase to the core “ Well sir that all depends  on how much  simoleons you have!”     Chase thought to himself that it shouldn't matter how much simoleons  you had as long as you would be a good parent.    At this point, Chase had seen and heard enough so he thanked the social worker for her time and returned to his office.
Upon his return, the first thing he did was call Stormy and relayed everything he found out that day about Diamond and Garnet.  Stormy was sick to her stomach after hearing everything she heard.  After a brief pause then almost in unison, they told one another that they wanted the children to stay with them.  Chase told his wife that they should first talk to the children but in the meantime, he would draw up the paperwork so that they could begin by being legal guardians and then adopt if the children agreed.   Chase was pretty good friends with the family court judge would be able to push everything through at a moment's notice.  But in the meantime, he told stormy to take the Uber Express card and go out and get necessities for the children and not to say anything to the kids until he got home that evening.  
So off Stormy went downtown to do some serious damage on her Uber express card.  Buying everything from toys to new bedroom sets, computers to clothes. It was Stormy's  lucky day for everything could be delivered that day before the children would be home from school.
Upon their return from school, Stormy helped both children with their homework and they played games until Chase returned from work.  
It was during their Spaghetti dinner that Chase asked the children what they thought about living with he and  Stormy on a permanent basis and if he and Stormy could be their parents.  Squealing with glee the children asked if that meant that they would not have to return to Boolprop.  Stormy and Chase nodded in agreement.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Squealed the children.  In that case, Stormy said we have a  few surprises for you both!  As Stormy led the children down to their new rooms, Chase went into his office to call the judge to push the paperwork for adoption.  

The condo next to the Millers belongs to Henri and Aime Jocque. Henri has made a career in the spotlight being the number one MC of the Miss  Uberhood, s Sim World, Miss  Hood and Miss  Subhood pageants, along with his  Celebrity Chef wife Henri and Aime had traveled the Simworld twice over.  They both felt it was time to settle down.  Aime was hoping to be able to open up her own restaurant and maybe have another child and Henri was starting to feel fatigued from all the traveling the couple had done.  The Jocques were quite impressed with the condo on Lake Crescent and found the Miller's to be a very amicable couple.  
The couple had taken some time to visit their son  Marcel and his family in Desiderata Valley and were able to see their granddaughter Viola off to college.  The condo was proving to be a  brand new beginning for Aime and  Henri shortly after moving in Aime became pregnant and  Henri was enjoying campfires on the shore digging for shells and making sandcastles.  Time flew quickly for the Jocques and before they knew it they had welcomed a new daughter Marissa.
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