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Beyond the Road to Nowhere is the former Military base of Sedona,  in the small town of Sedona Flats.  A quiet little town where the residents are few and the secrets run deep.

Even though the base had closed Adriana Green and her family chose to stay in Sedona Flats, opting to commute to the  Strangetown Command  Post.  The Greens were content in the quiet surroundings of Sedona Flats and at one time they had been the only residents of the town.  Adriana's husband Fabio took it upon himself to appoint himself Mayor of the desolate town.  Needing to form a  something of a City Council Fabio recruited Ramir Patel from SimBin to be his Councilman.  Life is good for the Greens with both Adriana and Fabio emphasizing what a good education could do for him, they had stressed studies and skilling  to their son Gabriel.  As an overachiever, Gabriel mastered the game of chess and was deemed a Simworld champion.  He also enjoyed being an only child having both parents doting on him and giving him all their attention that was until Adriana announced that soon he'd have either brother or sister.

It was a good career move for Ramir to be the Councilman of  Sedona Flats.  Especially with his wife Ana expecting their first child.  And Ana was way too happy to move from the stagnate Simbin area and into her own home.  Mayor Green even provided a  newly renovated home for the Patel's large enough to accommodate their soon to be growing family.  As Ramir became disillusioned in the political arena he began taking night classes studying law and hopefully would be able to take the Simbar.
It was on the eve of the big exam that Ana's water broke.  Ramir prided himself in remaining calm for the most part as Ana gave a good twirl and presented him with a son.  Holding his son he began to ***** when Ana began the second twirl.  Poor Ramir freaked so bad that he accidentally dropped his son on the floor hopefully the boy will not have brain damage.  The second baby was a girl that elated  Ana because she had always wanted a daughter. So it was that night the Patel's had welcomed twins Abdul-Adl and  Trinity.  Then the next day that Ramir took the Simbar exam and passed.  It was at this time that Ramir picked up a second job moonlighting as a file clerk, while Ana is enjoying motherhood so much that she is seriously considering quitting her job as a hostess at Famous Sim barbeque house.

Thinking that she had a picture perfect marriage to her husband Creon ,  Willow was in for one big  surprise on that one.  Willow went into a state of shock and  confusion when Creon had suggested that they add another member to the family by the name of Danielle Greaves.  Confused Willow inquired what exactly did that mean.  Creon reassured her that nothing would change between the two of them and that Danielle would be there to help Willow with Ophelia and the baby that was on the way. With a love that ran so deep for Creon the only thing that Willow could do was accept his wishes of adding a new member to their family. It was shortly after Danielle  Greaves  (Nigmos) joined the family when Willow gave birth to Laertes.  True to Creon's promise Danielle was a big help with the children.
Heading the Anthropology Department at La Fiesta Tech, Creon spent more time researching than teaching. Creon began to direct his studies to Polygamy.  The more he researched the more he became enthralled with the idea that this would be the lifestyle that he wanted to indulge in.
First order of business would be to move to a location that there would be no one around to ask questions the perfect location the isolated town of Sedona Flats. The second order of business was to somehow convince  Willow of the idea which proved easier than expected.
It happened when he was out with his brother in law Icabod  Spector he was introduced to Danielle Greaves.   For both, it was love at first sight.  Danielle a stunning brunette took Creon's breath away. As they talked Creon found out that Danielle was once the Spector's gardener her task was pushing up daisies in the former cemetery.  Now she was employed by Danny Cordial at his downtown location of Potions of  Emotions.  As they talked one thing lead to another and before either one knew it Danielle leaned over and  shared her first kiss with Creon.  It was at that moment that Creon knew that Danielle was destined to be wife number 2.
Danielle moved in the very next morning.  While things were awkward and tense at first, soon things fell into place. Willow graciously accepted Danielle as an equal and Ophelia liked Danielle because she played games with her and helped her with her homework every night.

In a quiet little ceremony in the backyard Danielle and Creon exchanged vows.  It was right before the marriage was consummated that Willow presented  Creon with a  son Laertes.  Reaching plat level from the birth of Laertes and taking Danielle as wife number 2 what could make Creon's  life more complete?  The tinkling of bells indicating that Danielle was going to have a baby.
 Life was good for Creon having two women around his job at the University was going very well.  Danielle and Willow both took care of the children and did the household chores, plus Danielle was also bringing home an additional paycheck adding to the family funds.  Soon thereafter the family welcomed another daughter Sonnet.
With Danielle returning to work and Creon continuing his research Willow was left at home to care for a nooboo and a toddler leaving very little time to herself. Seeing Willow's plight Creon began considering the idea of adding yet another wife to help out.
Isabella Parsons had been an undergrad student at La Fiesta Tech working on her doctorate in Anthropology when the opportunity arose for to intern under Professor  Nigmos it was one of those opportunities of a lifetime.  Isabella found her mentor very attractive and tried to spend every opportunity to be in his presence. Little did Isabella know exactly how she was chosen for the internship, that it wasn't just her application and essay that gave her the coveted position.  While reviewing the hundreds of applications it was Isabella Parsons that stood out the most with stunning looks Creon knew she would make the perfect number three wife.

Creon began slowly introducing Isabella to the family by bringing her home nightly under the pretenses of helping her with her thesis. Danielle and the children took to her immediately while Willow had reservations of what was going through Creon's mind.  Sensing Willow's reservations Creon reassured her in the same manner that he did when he added Danielle to the family. Willow, blinded by her love for Creon accepted his idea of adding Isabella to the family.

Down a lonely street in the isolated town of Sedona Flats,  The Mendozas have taken up residence.  Armand and Carmen both Animal Behaviorists in the Science field felt not only was the location perfect for a fresh start for their daughter Lisa but also a perfect location for their animal studies.
Lisa was ready for a fresh start after he divorce from Checo Ramirez. So when her parents invited her her to move in with them Lisa jumped at the opportunity as long as her new love Allyn Thompson could move in as well.
 It was late one evening as the household slept finding herself restless and not being able to sleep Lisa arose and went outside.  In the darkness, a dog approached her.  Cautiously she began to pet the dog and before she knew it they were playing fetch and razzle until the wee hours of the morning.  As mysteriously as the dog appeared it took off right before dawn.  "Oh well," thought Lisa.It was time for breakfast.
How strange it had been for Lisa for the second night Lisa found herself awake in the middle of  the night.  Deciding once again to go outside thinking maybe the stray dog would come by.  Descending the stairs to go outside she heard a strange scratching at the front door, to her surprise it was the dog again.

Once again Lisa and the dog played again until the wee hours of the morning and once again the dog left just before the sun rose.  It was that day that she and Allyn decided that maybe they should get married and start a family.  Once engaged they proceeded to go to the SimPE Fertility Clinic.  After viewing the many potential donors they decided upon Oberon Gossamer as the one that they would be inseminated with.  Learning that it may take several tries in order for the pregnancy to take they were both surprised that it only took one try for both.  It was also on that day that Lisa made her way to Peterson's Pet Store to by things for her new found furry friend. A new dog bed, bone and food dish.  Because if the dog were to show up that night Lisa wanted to try to coax the dog into the house.
Just like the previous night, there was a scratching at the door.  Making her way down the stairs Lisa greeted the dog at the door.  Once again she and the dog played fetch and razzle.  Then without notice, the dog bit Lisa drawing blood.  Lisa quickly went into the house to clean and dress the wound.  After bandaging her hand  Lisa returned outdoors  to find the dog gone. So Lisa returned to bed finding herself overly exhausted.
The next morning Lisa awoke with a ravenous appetite so preparing eggs and bacon and then pancakes  Lisa ate everything leaving nothing for the rest of the household.  Later on, that evening after dinner and everyone settling in for the evening with Armand and  Allyn enjoyed a game of chess, Carmen reading a Stephen Sim novel and  Lisa watching a movie.  
All of a sudden Lisa bolted off the couch and ran outside startling the rest of the household and they quickly followed her outside.  To their horror and fascination, they watched as Lisa began writhing on the ground screaming that started to sound more like a howl than a human voice.  The bones within Lisa's body began to shift and hair was beginning to sprout all over her body.  Horrified at the sight Allyn could not bear to see her love in so much pain but was it Lisa?  What was standing before her was not her beloved Lisa but a grotesque looking creature that somewhat resembled a wolf.  
Astounded and speechless Armand and Carmen observed in amazement.  They had read of such creature in their studies about the infamous Werewolves of Uberhood but it had been considered more folklore due to no one ever observing such an event.
When the transformation completed, the wolf was ravenous wanting to eat or savage anything her sight.  First in her sight was the garbage can after pillaging the garbage the next in her sight was Allyn.  Seeing Lisa approach her growling and snarling the only thought in Allyn's mind was run!  As hard as she tried her feet stayed planted on the ground.  Transfixed at what was in front of her Allyn stood there as Lisa sprung upon her and savaged her into a carnivorous canine.  The next in her path were her parents who welcomed the bite so they too could transform.  

As the sun began to rise in the sleepy town the memories of what transpired the night before at the Mendoza home were gone.....
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