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Cover-ups by the military in Strangetown had been going on since it was just a military base with a couple of military houses. Soon local government was established once Aliens and their hybrids began to inhabit the town.  It was the Military leaders that recruited Olive Specter to be their Mayor.  They could use her estate to simulate a graveyard for the residents that were recruited for Alien experimentation which included her sister Willow, Brother in law Creon, husband  Icabod and neighbor Lydia Grunt the wife of a General amongst other residents of the town.  It was up to Olive to maintain the lie that these individuals had met some kind of demise. Soon it became too much for her to bear so ever so discreetly Olive began extracting the townspeople from the underground facility that was located in her backyard.  For Olive not only did they take her husband but they took her son as well.  Poor little Ghostly was placed in the hands of the Mad Scientist Loki Beaker who had performed so many experiments on Ghostly that he became a Nervous Subject.   Olive needed someone on her side with SimPE to help with the extraction and she turned to her friend  Dr Niccolo Lothario.  Niccolo agreed to help but it came with a price.  A woo hoo will do.  Reluctantly Olive agreed if it meant that her family could be reunited.  So it was Niccolo who stepped in on Olive's  behalf and informed his superiors that the individuals that the testing was being done on his job was complete with facial and body reconstruction and it was time to look for different test subjects.  The Grand Master of SimPE agreed and began to let the captives leave the facility through the gates of Olive Specter's backyard.  
Niccolo even managed to get Ghostly back!  Oh, what joy! He even managed to have Ghostly regressed  back to the age he was when Dr Beaker first took him.  It was a joyous reunion for Olive and her family!  Her parents made it back for the reunion from their summer home on Bahamamama  Island.  
After the renewal of their wedding vows  Icabod decided to a little shopping especially since Olive was expecting!  Too much of a surprise a waif by the name of Tucker followed him home.  Feeling sorry for the poor child Olive and  Icabod decided to adopt the child.  So now Ghostly had a brother and soon another brother or sister.  It was soon thereafter that Icabod and Olive welcomed a daughter Anastasia.
Down the road a ways, reside The Grunts as General Buzz and the boys welcomed Lyla home from WA also known as Woohoo Anonymous.   Elated over her return the family had an all-out roof-raising party welcoming her return.  General Buzz wanted the best for his wife so he had their home on Nowhere Road completely renovated with plenty of room in the event that they should have any more children.  As Tank embarked on to college Lyla announced to the boys that soon they would be welcoming a new member to the family.  Buck has been able to get into shape with the new pool that Buzz had installed and  Ripp got a job in the Music career track.
Ajay Loner and his boyfriend Julien Cook took in teen  Kristen Loste.  Ajay contemplating a Business Career as Julien continued to pursue his career in the Culinary field.   With just the scholarship for foundlings, Kristen managed to get into University.
Heading the Department of Alien Education PT109  Smith educates Aliens and hybrids how to adjust to the Simworld while never letting on to his children Johnny and Jill that they themselves are hybrids.  Johnny became an Overachiever excelling not only in school but also in the Business Career track which gave him oodles of simmies to take to University.  While their mother Jenny longed to have one more child before she became an elder.With three days to go Jenny was surprised when the pregger test came back blue!
Communing with Aliens was the life dream for Pascal Curious and it had come true not once but twice!  The first time gave him an alien hybrid girl  Astrid.  The second time came on Astrid's birthday but when he returned someone came with him.  The Celestial Birth Queen.
Celestial Birth Queen had been the technician that had impregnated  Pascal both times.  Developing a great fondness for the young scientist she and fellow alien Stella Toreno came to simworld for a better life.
Vicund feeling restless not only with his professional life but with his personal one as well.  Professionally wanting to leave the Science career wanting to change careers and get into the beautification of Strangetown by becoming an  Architect.  He ponders whether or not to change.  With his personal life how he longed to be reunited with Circe Beaker the love of his life but she sought refuge in the arms of the mad Scientist Loki Beaker who had experimented on her with mind control as teens and thus stole her away from him. He had met one of the doctors at the Institute Dr. Mary Gavigan. Their affair had resulted in a child. Mary made Vicund swear to secrecy and that he could visit any time he wanted.
Lazlo was busy prepping for college and managed to attain enough money to attend LaFiesta Tech.  In addition to that what could make things even better!  Going steady with Cordelia Capp.  He took pity on her straddled with 3 children at such an early age. But that interferes with the fact that he was in love with her.

Moving from Fort Simbin the Picasos, Jessica and Matthew, were commissioned to Strangetown. Both are excited about their careers within the Military.  Yet seeming unaware of their tru purpose in this isolated town .
On the darker side of the town is the lab of  Dr. Loki Beaker.  The lab is within the depths of his basement where he resides with his partner Circe and his younger sister Erin.  Dr. Beaker is interested in genetics and beings that he had such exquisite and perfect genes he has taken upon himself to abduct in his mind the perfect specimen to inseminate to create perfect children!  His first test subject is Hannah Bell.  He is making sure that Hannah is comfortable in her surroundings making sure that all her needs are met during her gestational period.  Meanwhile, Loki has instructed Circe to make sure that her needs are met by providing her with meals and letting her out of her room to use the bathroom, to use and to shower. Circe's  main job will be to ensure that Hannah has a safe and smooth delivery before he sends her back to her family.  Loki is also providing for his younger sister Erin ensuring that she gets the proper education and making sure that she is enrolled at a  Private University.
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