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A few miles out of Pleasantview is the little village of Bluewater. From the distance, you can see the expansive mansion that is owned by the Landgraab family. The Landgraab's were once one of the richest most powerful families in the area. But during the great pc crash of 2013, they lost everything. Malcolm III survived barely with his son Malcom IV. Losing his wife Margaret was devastating. Losing all his businesses was even harder to take because that was his legacy for his son Malcolm. So it's just the two of them. So Malcolm III is in the process of rebuilding his life with his son Malcolm and reopening his very first store the Electronic store of Bluewater. Still carrying a torch for his deceased wife Malcolm never dates but devotes all his time to his son.

Across the way are the DelaRosa's William and Mary they run a small flower shop out of their home. They have named it Florence's Flowers after their daughter Florence. The apple of their eye Their only hope is that their daughter Florence will continue with the family business once she becomes of age but here only time will tell. William would love nothing more than to open more shops but first wants to see how it goes with the shop out of his home first.With their talent of flower arranging William and Mary renovated their home to where the entire lower level is the flower shop while the upstairs is the living quarters. Present time William and Mary have managed to get their flower shop to a Business level one. Woohoo!

Down the block from the Delarosa's is the Ramirez family. While out shopping for a family reunion Checo encountered Count Kory and was bitten. Upon his return, his wife Lisa wanted to be a Vampire so bad. Because he loved his wife so much he bit her before calling the gypsy for the cure. Lisa went plat at the mere fact that she was a Vampire that she couldn't contain herself. She ran outside to greet her parents who arrived from Riverview that she died and became a pile of dust. The next to arrive were the neighbors and Checo was so distraught over the death of his wife that he began making out with Denise Jacquet. So instead of a reunion, it was a funeral at the Ramirez home. Checo consoled both his parents and Lisa's parents at the service. Tessa was the hardest to console she begged and pleaded with her father to see if Lisa could be brought back, oh how a child 's mind thinks. Giving into his daughter's wishes he contacted the Grim Reaper to see how much it would cost, money was not an issue with him especially since daddy Mendoza had the bucks. Lisa was returned in full form. Thinking that he and his wife would pick up where they left off. Boy, was he mistaken. With Lisa's return, she informed Checo that she was leaving him for her new *Bff* Allyn Thompson. That was a blow to his ego, but his parents were there for him to pick him up and get him back on his feet again. They successfully got Tessa into a Private School and got Checo a job.

Over on Eagle Street, Wanda Tinker had been busy helping her friend Bob Newbie with his campaign for Mayor of Pleasantview. She had made the mistake of confiding in Bob about husband Stephen being too busy with learning the family business to take notice of her. Bob reassured her of her beauty and even introduced her to his friend Dr. Niccolo Lothario saying maybe a little nip tuck would make Stephen take notice. Boy that Bob was a smooth operator not only did he talk Wanda into an appointment with Dr. Lothario but also took advantage of a lonely new mother convinced Wanda into a hot and heavy affair that lasted until the end of his campaign. Once Stephen got his Bronze badge in toy making he started to take notice. Hearing of the birth of Melody and the impending birth of another Grandchild both Stephen's parents and Wanda's parents came from east of the Resurrection River from the town of Twinbrook.
Tara Kat the new School Teacher moved to the quiet community of Bluewater Village along with her cats. Leading a pretty quiet existence spent most of her time in her garden and making curtains for her new home. Tara's career took off pretty fast and before she knew it she was working at the University and became colleagues with Dr. Skip Broke PHD. But still, Tara felt that something was missing even with all the work and social functions that she was involved with. Even Mickey, Samantha and Faline could not fill the void. She never believed in Matchmakers and anyway they were too expensive. But after her last raise, she decided what the heck might as well try it. Not expecting too much to happen from the blind date she was knocked off her socks when she was introduced to a very handsome Gent by the name of Craig Ray. It was 3 bolt love at first sight for both. In such a whirlwind before the end of the date, Craig proposed marriage! The best dream date ever for Tara! But little does Tara know of Craig's job ….He is a Criminal.

Just beyond the Landgraab Estate lies the rural area of Bluewater Village. It is here that Glabe Curious brought Glarn's daughters that she adopted. She wanted the girls far away from the events that transpired in Strangetown. The abduction of Glarn and his eventual death during childbirth. Glabe herself had to be hospitalized at the SimPe Institute after his abduction for aspiration failure. Glarn's son Lazlo came to pick her up from the institute after her release. It was Lazlo that reunited Glabe with Chloe and Lola. Seeing that the girls had alien features and fearing that it would stigmatize them as they grew up she brought them to Dr. Faith Goodie the Genetic Specialist at the SimPe Corporation for treatment. Glabe felt that it would be in their best interest that the memories of being half alien would be forever removed from their tiny little lives. The inheritance that she received from her husband's estate afforded Glabe to purchase a house out in the country. The monies also afforded Glabe to stay home with the girls through their toddler years and once they were in private school Glabe decided it was time for her to go to work. Interested in Journalism Glabe got a job for the Bluewater Gazette. One of her first assignments was to interview the elusive millionaire Malcolm Landgraab III. For both, it was love at first sight. After several dates, Malcolm proposed to Glabe. Both Lola and Chloe think that Malcolm is the bomb! Especially when he gave them their own computers for their Birthdays.

Also seeking a quieter life in the country are the Goldsteins. Gavin in need of getting out of Riverblossom Hills because of his position of Enforcer for the SimPe Mafia. While wife Annabelle looking for new surroundings for possibly opening a restaurant and becoming a Celebrity Chef. After an exhaustive search, they found a beautiful 4 bedroom home out on Rural Route 6 in Rural Bluewater. It was a good thing that the bus came out that far in order to take their daughter Betsy (Betty) to her Private School. Settling into Rural Bluewater came very easily for the Goldsteins no one was to the wiser of what Gavin did for a living and Annabelle dallied in her first extramarital affair with Dr. Niccolo Lothario. Betsy is enjoying her new surroundings and even made a friend Cassandra Goth.
Wanting to expand their family Davis and Delilah Dreamer found a cozy home out on Route 6.  Delilah content staying at home and doing the domestic thing, while Davis decided  to purchase the Lucky Card and Drink shack downtown.  Working diligently Davis has his business now ranked at a  level 7.  Finding out that she is expecting twins Delilah had  taken it quite easy during the pregnancy by brushing up on her homemaking and parenting skills. Derrick and Davis Jr. came after having a dinner party with Malcolm Landgraab.  Both Davis Sr. and Delilah are ecstatic with their boys and would really like to try for one more hoping for a girl!
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