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It was a warm summer evening the and Glabe and  Glarn were celebrating Glarn's Birthday a day early.  Glabe had gone out and purchased the Far  Star E  telescope for her husband. As they took turns looking through the scope a  blinding light descended upon them. Glabe and Glarn clutched on to one another as they were being lifted towards the light.  Holding on for dear life they ascended into some type of aircraft. Once inside two green creatures with black orbs for eyes pulled the couple apart and placed them in separate enclosed  glass rooms. They could see one another but could not speak. because of the glass that separated them. 

There Glabe witnessed as the beings poked and probed her husband.  Feelings of helplessness overcame Glabe because of her inability to help Glarn. This seems to have gone on for hours maybe even days.  Then one day a  different looking creature entered Glarn's room. Glabe could tell that it was female because of the hideous Maxis dress and  shoes she wore.  The normally lit room where Glarn was in suddenly went dark.  Several hours  later the lights came back on and the female creature left the room. In the days that followed Glarn was left alone both were given food but Glarn was receiving extra special treatment. 24 hours later,  Glabe couldn't believe her eyes Glarn developed a baby bump!  

During this stay, Glabe had befriended one of the elder  Technicians Pollitech 9.  Glabe questioned what happened to her husband.  Pollitech 9.  Pollitech  9 explained  to Glabe that Birth Queen selects  certain skilled Sims to spawn with in order to create  a  more hybrid  race of  Sims because it is the goal of their  planet to inhabit world with these hybrids to mingle and marry sims  to evolve into  an  even higher hybrid  to be named The Sims 3.  Pollitech 9 getting soft in his old age felt sorry for the couple because they seemed to be so in love which was a feeling he had never experienced.  The stolen moments that they had Glabe cherished, she was in awe of  Glarn's growing belly feeling kicks from what was growing inside of him.  Glarn's pregnancy lasted only 72 hours but with that time period Glarn had aged to become an elder. Ever so slowly Glabe saw  Glarn get bigger and bigger but he seemed to get weaker and weaker. Glabe wasn't sure of the day she was looking at Glarn in his bed through the glass that had separated them he seemed distressed. Then she saw different techs scurrying in  and out of his containment room, one of them was the Polli tech 9  came into Glabe's room and told her to come with him.

He led her into Glarn's room where she witnessed the birth of Glarn's  twins which were named Lola and Chloe names that Glabe and Glarn talked about using if they ever had any children.  As soon as the babies were born they were taken away Glabe pleaded with Pollitech 9 for the babies but Pollitech 9 told  Glabe that there was nothing he could do they were going to be placed into what was called the sim bin. Glabe turned to look towards Glarn  who was still in distress and then to her horror from the shadows in the corner came the Grim Reaper.  As the Grim Reaper took Glarn , Glabe went into Aspiration failure Dr Nathan Gavigan came to assist her.   Bring her back from the brink of oblivion he explained to her that delivering twins were fatal for an elder sim.  Glabe was then taken to a different room by Pollitech 9 and was informed that was going to be her new residence indefinitely.  After being placed in her new cell that was the last time she saw Pollitech 9 and time stood still.

Glabe awoke to a soft voice in her ear to hurry and dress because she was leaving her confinement.  Who , what, and how long had she been there?  The person talking to her in an urgent voice to hurry was that of Olive Specter.   Olive guided Glabe through the tunnel to what looked like a cemetery at the Specter estate.  The air was so clean as Glabe breathed in the fresh air so deeply that it made her dizzy.   Olive told Glabe that a taxi was waiting to take her back to her home at 93  Nowhere Road, and that she will be receiving a settlement from the SimPE corporation and that Glarn's daughters would be returned to her.

Returning to the home put Glabe in a state of shock all the belongings that he and Glarn shared were gone!  all that was left was a house that looked of neglect.  After her arrival, the mailman arrived and she received a check that had more 0's that Glabe had ever seen.   Next to arrive was a van and a  woman bringing  Lola and Chloe home to here.   With the check that she received she completely renovated the house for her and her daughters.  She did a quick adoption so that the girls would hopefully never know their origins except that she was their mother and Glarn was their father.  The simmies left after the renovations were enough that Glabe did not have to have to work and that she could devote all her time to the formative years of Lola and Chloe's lives.  When the time came for their Birthday's into childhood  Glabe felt an enormous amount of gratitude towards Olive for her part in her release that she mad Olive and Ichabod God parents  to Lola and Chloe.
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