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The little community of Viper Canyon is all abuzz with the Picaso home being put on the market, a wedding is being planned, some major surgeries and of course babies being born.
It looks as though the Picaso home may have been sold!  Bought by Lisa Ramirez's mother Carmen Mendota.   Over at Tara  Kat's  house, Tara met her neighbor Cyd Roseland and after a couple of dates, the couple is now planning a wedding they have combined pets cats and dog seem to be coexisting rather well!  The venue  for the wedding has not been determined but they will be sure to let all their friends know where to be.  Then it was off to the Ottoma's where Dr. Hope Goodie had performed plastic surgery and altered the family's DNA.  All the procedures were graciously paid with Dora's retirement fund. What did Dora get for a kickback she got the rejuvenation procedure as well making her an adult again!  She's quite the looker now, as a matter of fact, she even caught the eye of OB Dr. Don Lothario.   With a little indiscretion at the gym, Dora is graciously accepting child support from Dr. Lothario. Peter changed careers and is now a High School Principle.  With Peter's surgery, Dr. Nathan Gavigan stepped in and gave Peter an attitude adjustment.  Samantha gave birth to her twins Kip and Petra and soon after found herself preggers again.  David isn't quite ready for college he still hasn't achieved high enough grades for the Simcity Scholarship.
Over at the Ramaswami's, Sanjay is working his way up to becoming a  Rock God practicing everyday! While Priya went from the newspaper to being a Fashion Editor.  They have welcomed  2  daughters Bettina and Patina and also a son  Tao.
There is rumor around town that the Newsom's parents have returned home from CAS!
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