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Due to having to reset the game, a new story begins beginning in the main town of Pleasantview where stopping off at the Pleasant home which was not so pleasant. As Mary Sue Pleasant leaves for work in the morning and her two daughters are fighting as usual husband Daniel is left on his own.   Little does Mary Sue know Daniel is waiting for the maid Kaylynn to come to the house for a  little more than cleaning the house.  
After Kaylynn finishes her work she hangs around for a little afternoon tryst with Daniel. Unbeknownst to both Mary Sue, unfortunately, has gotten fired from her job and returns home from work early just to find both her husband and maid in a very compromising position. Enraged, Mary Sue throws Kaylynn out of the house and soon she and Daniel are in a knock out drag out fight with fists and kicks are flying everywhere. As the fight ensues their daughters Angela and Lilith return home from school to witness the brawl soon they too are entangled in one of their own.  With the family fighting who shows up but Mary Sue's parents  Herb and Coral. Totally mortified at the events they take it upon themselves to pack up the girls have them move in with them in Bluewater Village a  neighboring community.   Daniel and  Mary Sue were so involved with their bitterness and rage that they didn't even know the girls went missing. The fight continued into the wee hours of the morning where afterward they decided to call it quits.  Beings that the house had been his parents home  Daniel ordered Mary Sue  out!. Head hanging low failure at work and at marriage  Mary Sue left. Mary Sue is now not only looking for a  job but an apartment as well because going home to her parents is out of the question because they feel that it would not be in the best interest of Angela and Lilith.
Daniel couldn't wait for the taxi to leave with Mary Sue for soon after he did some  major renovations to the home.  Things all around seemed to get better and better not only was he becoming the toast of the town but the Llama team had taken notice of  Daniel's athletic abilities and soon made him a Hall of Famer. Still bitter at Mary Sue leaving him, he thought of taking it to the next level and having an affair with Mary Sue's best friend Cassandra Goth.  
It was about a week after Mary Sue left that he got a call from his sister Jennifer from Simbin asking if he had room for her and her family not being able to say no. Jennifer and her husband John and daughter Lucy moved in.

Soon scandal will develop for the legendary athlete as he will be linked to fathering a child.

It was then off to visit young intern Dr. Don Lothario where he has had a thing for his neighbors the Caliente sisters Dina and Nina.  Don likes to test his endurance on his days off from work.  On this particular day, he not only took on Nina in the bedroom but her sister as well. Trying to build on his reputation as a doctor he will soon invoke scandal as well.
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