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I'm still reorganising my whole CC Downloads folder. Nothing finished yet, as planned.

I had many problems with accessories, finding the right mesh for each. Fortunately, in 2010 I sorted almost all old accessories, by type (jewels, hats, clothes as accessories, etc.). So I can find easily now in my current mess (all scattered in various folders on the desktop or on external disk, etc.)

So to find an accessory mesh for let's say a particular pendant necklace, Delphy's Download Organiser is needed.

1. If you're meticulous and collected all accessory meshes in a specific place with at least one texture for each, your searching will be already easy.

2. Go first to that Accessory folder and in the Windows navigation bar, in the Search function type in the name of the mesh. Example :
If the mesh is there, it will show up in a list, then right click on it to find the exact location (it might be in another folder)
You found the mesh, so just move it to your desktop or Downloads directory, the exact place where you got necklaces recolour packages. The found mesh needs to be added to the folder where accessory textures are.

3. Open up DDO and browse through the folder where the accessory textures AND the above mentioned mesh can be found. Let DDO scan.

4. With DDO again scan for Orphans, with the box Orphans unchecked at this stage. DDO will scan and then indicate the number of Orphans found. Now and only then tick the box for Orphans : DDO will then show you the exact names of orphan packages, you can then bin them or move them to an empty folder.
At this stage I'd usually move all the Orphans found into the PC desktop trashcan - not the best thing, but easier to find all for me - and then move back those packages into an empty folder on my desktop. Caution : don't empty the trashcan without having moved all into a folder...

5. Do a new DDO scan of the necklaces folder containing the above mentioned mesh. Once it's finished, and if the aikea-guinea mesh is matching with some textures, DDO will list them.

Example :
matching with

I mentioned this specific AM necklace mesh because there are two versions of it, so at first it can be confusing, because some AM triple chockers would rather show up with the other mesh called MESH_aikea_guinea-AM_Necklace_v1-Triple_Choker-032006

I hope that this small tip helps you, and hope it's not too confusing to understand.

Sorting accessories meticulously is a very long process for me but the Orphans tip makes a lot easier and sometimes quicker for me.
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