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November 13, 2020


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Delay in posting, needing to "fix" AF clothes Empty Delay in posting, needing to "fix" AF clothes

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I planned to post here and share a few creations.

But while I was still finishing to sort AF clothes, I found a few retextures with no mesh (but not then showing as Maxis in such a case). The retexture packages are badly labelled like "outfit1", etc. and one set is called "GottaBeYou", and when I checked this set in Sims2Pack CI it was said incomplete project.

So I extracted the images of these clothes in SimPE. For a few I could recognise the meshes used, but for others I had to choose other ones. I like very beautiful shoes so the meshes are by Mila, Alisa and Martini *

I don't think I'll share my fixed versions because in that case I don't even know whom to credit and that's a pity because I like to track back to originals, and these ones are from 2014 (not really old).

However I'll post pics of my results, after I finished "turn 10" of my AF clothes sorting. I don't count the package files anymore, it would give you too some headaches...

Thanks for your patience. Hugs !


* I tested DreamCatcher's clothes meshes, I have permission to use them and they inspire me for new projects. I put some old AF outfits on her meshes already. For such conversions too I'll show pics here. Thank you Anactacia (aka DreamCatcher)

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on Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:27 pmanactacia
Lizzy, hi!
I'm a complete dumb about all that concerns the blog stuff, so I'm sorry for my clumzy responses. Don't be mad at me. lilrose

Yeap, all the Dreamcatcher's meshes are at your disposal. Can't wait to see your upgrades!

Have a nice weekend!

on Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:53 pmCindaLove
Hi Lizzy mickeywave Sounds like you have a big mess on your hands...
on Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:19 pmLizzy
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Hello Nastia and Cinda !

I really need to sort, after I had two computer failures last year, which is why I backed up each time and found myself with tons of duplicates, still compressed sets (build, buy, etc.) on my external disk.

It's hard but I like to check now, know the downloaded CC better, know some meshes better for retextures.

At another forum, I was suggested to share even very old CC (things which I think nobody cares for today, like picolink multiwear), but for clothes I'll be radical : too ugly textured clothes on really old or bad looking meshes with bad shoes, I'll get rid of them now. Others are still fine to "revamp".

Sorting clothes is rather easy for me, with DDO. I split in folders : all meshes together in one big folder, male clothes in another folder, same for female clothes and for each sub-folders called "Bottoms", "Tops", "Full outfits". I also sort by bodyshape (CPU, Rio, etc.). And all the gifts to me from Julie J, her now rare and unshared clothes/meshes are in an extra folder, it's a big collection on its own.

I also check if I got default replacements, because I don't want them at all for any type of CC.

Sorting furniture, build sets, etc. will be more complicated with all the mixed sets with buy-build things, sometimes Master and slave meshes. Somebody at my small forum gave me a tip for such things to organise and how to detect quite easily Maxis recolours : all object recolours marked orphans need a mesh. All other recolours not detected as orphans are obviously Maxis recolours. I have to test with sets needing Master meshes, to see if another mesh or recolour would be marked orphan, I haven't tried it for such a case.

Hugs !

on Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:16 pmanactacia
Lizzy, hello!
OMG, this sounds really complicated! I'm not sure if I can ever make myself do it and reorganise all the CC I have.
I wish you a lot of patience and good luck!

Delay in posting, needing to "fix" AF clothes 8f9c260f64b0
on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:14 amLizzy
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Hello Nastia ! I managed to update here with a few pics of my work : some object recolours, some Bodyshop creations.

I checked back my Photobucket albums : I'll have to crop some images, they are too big for the forum.

I took other preview pics of my new clothes, or clothes "revamps" (from other creators), but I like to use my custom background pic for Bodyshop, it's like my signature.

The sorting of AF things is very close to be finished. I go by small folders in Bodyshop to check because I found again some clothes textures not showing so I removed those now or extracted if I found the textures good. It's sad I don't know WHO made such textures, the package labels are like titles but without the creators name or initials.

Then... OMG ! checking back my lots from last year because one deco object causes the Deco catalogue to be empty : no more icon for custom deco, or Maxis deco... This indicates a totally wrong object to delete for good... I know the object, the creator of it but the package label for me is a series of letters and numbers, not the original name. I got to isolate it from scanning with DDO and more specifically the deco object recolours, to find out. Once I found the object I have to update my residential lots I furnished last year and also see if this object is still in lots I downloaded from some sites... I need to find the name of the object, even if it's numbers and letters, wirte the name package in a text document, to see on my external disk how many duplicate I got for it and then hit the button Delete.

I always check furnished lots I downloaded, because I often got bad surprises, even with packages belonging to Sims for a family, hacks and so on. I only keep then objects from such lots which I can't find anywhere else. (So many sites closing today...)
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