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  • 20200814
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 105
    It has come to our attention lately that many upload links hosted on SimFileShare were deleted without notification therefore we are now changing our required file host to Dropbox. As before, the required download button must be the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. These new uploading requirement will take...
  • 20200810
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 104
    It has been discovered that SimFileShare has deleted simmers' files that were over 6 months old and never shared in preparation of moving to another host without properly contacting anyone, just a notice plastered on their site. It has been decided that SG will no longer use their services because of their poor actions and a new service is now being looked into. Please check your uploads for any that have been deleted. A new hosting service will be announced soon.

    ~SG Admin
  • 20150517
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  • 20200814
    Legends of the Hood Crystal%20Springs%20Cove_zpsawu4j7av
  • 20191230
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 148

    Out of the ashes of the Crystal Springs Uber-Hood arose the new Uber-Hood of Edgecliff. Settled in the deep recesses of the creator’s mind the new hood will still house the familiar communities and residents that we simmers have grown to love.
    We’ve heard the saying If I had the chance to do my life over, I’d….” The chance of a lifetime has been bestowed upon the elders with a visit from the Gypsy and a magic lamp gifting elders with the ability to do their lives over again. The question will be what will these...
  • 20171012
    Tragedies in Pleasantview •December 12, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 511
    Welcome to Beacon Falls the new uberhood with more scandal than I could ever imagine.  But before we begin I want to take a moment to pay respect to those who did not survive the storm. Beginning with the Caliente's .  Dina and  her younger sister Nina were the only ones to come out of the storm unscathed.  It was going to be Dina's responsibility to help her younger sister make it through her toddler and  childhood years  before she left for college.  With the life insurance  policies that were left by her parents, uncle and  grandparents Dina  was able to hire a nanny to care...
  • 20171012
    The Wentworths •December 17, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 402
    Ida is a widow and lives alone, her son and his family live nearby but she would like to find a friend, as well as an interest or something else that will occupy more of her time.   Ida raised her son Steven on her own due to losing her husband  Richard  in  the great War.  Once Steven had grown up and  left home Ida  became very lonely in  her house without anyone to care for.  With the devastating news of  the file storm in neighboring Port Whitewater the news of  little family of children were taken back  to the Orphanage .  The family that they were with were lost in the storm.  So Ida began...
  • 20171012
    The Storm of all Storms •December 9, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 441
    The storm of all storms befell upon the world of Port Whitewater and it's communities.  The sky turned black and purple as files came crashing down hitting the banks of the Uberhood causing families to flee their homes, Students at University were not safe for the storm overtook the entire region causing many students to flee back to their parents' homes for what they assumed were safe havens but unfortunately not.
    To escape the violence of the File Crashing storm the residents of Port Whitewater Uber hood fled across the SimPE Ocean to a new area in which they could call home once again....
  • 20171012
    La Fiesta Tech •August 30, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 482
    La Fiesta Tech:
    Like many college campuses,  La  Fiesta has everything a  student needs from a  strip mall for shopping, Library, Student Union and of course a  night spot.  The only exception is that the climate is quite different.  Students here can enjoy year around summertime temperatures.   It is here as well that there is a chapter house of the very elusive Secret Society of the loyal order of Llama  Llama Ding Dong.

    Francis Worthington III:
    After a satellite took out his entire family.  It was up to  Francis to carry on the family legacy of becoming the Law and take...
  • 20171012
    Port Whitewater University• August 23, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 461
    If they could only stay little just a little bit longer. This is a wish of many parents in the simworld.  But as time passes children do grow up into teens.  Some have high ambitions to attend college, some just want to get by while others want nothing more than to sponge off of Mom and Dad.
    It is here that we follow those who want it all.  Those who are goal orientated working to get it all or at least as much as I allow them. Muhawhawhaw.

    The young adults in the Port  Whitewater Uber Hood have several choices to choose from for schools of higher learning.  There is Port Whitewater...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 364
    As Sedona Flats fades away in the distance.  The scenery begins to change.  You begin to see greener surroundings, lush foliage and the smell of lake air.  You are now entering the small community of Crescent Village bordering Lake Crescent and adjacent to the larger community of Port Whitewater.  Crescent Village is a  small township but is beginning to grow as many families are moving to the area with their new families for a quiet life.  Crescent Village does have it's own local government with it's own presiding Mayor as well as it's own police department which is very seldom called, and not...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 413
    Beyond the Road to Nowhere is the former Military base of Sedona,  in the small town of Sedona Flats.  A quiet little town where the residents are few and the secrets run deep.

    Even though the base had closed Adriana Green and her family chose to stay in Sedona Flats, opting to commute to the  Strangetown Command  Post.  The Greens were content in the quiet surroundings of Sedona Flats and at one time they had been the only residents of the town.  Adriana's husband Fabio took it upon himself to appoint himself Mayor of the desolate town.  Needing to form a  something of a City Council...
  • 20171012
    June 5, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 417
    Cover-ups by the military in Strangetown had been going on since it was just a military base with a couple of military houses. Soon local government was established once Aliens and their hybrids began to inhabit the town.  It was the Military leaders that recruited Olive Specter to be their Mayor.  They could use her estate to simulate a graveyard for the residents that were recruited for Alien experimentation which included her sister Willow, Brother in law Creon, husband  Icabod and neighbor Lydia Grunt the wife of a General amongst other residents of the town.  It was up to Olive to maintain...
  • 20171012
    May 19, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 429
    Balmoral Drive borders Downtown Belladonna Cove and Uberhood Downtown.  It is here that Martha Weir along with her husband Bryant, son Conner and their dog Starbuck reside in the palatial Mayoral Mansion.  Moving from the suburban Belladonna Cove Martha feeling that between her husband Bryant an Architect and her as Mayor that together they could make a difference in the old  Maxis made downtown area.  Breathing new life into the city by renovating the old worn out and stores and nightspots as well as allowing more private businesses to open in the area.  

    Always thinking of the future...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 427
    When you're alone and life is making you lonely,
    You can always go downtown
    When you've got worries,
    All the noise and the hurry
    Seems to help, I know, downtown
    Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
    Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
    How can you lose?
    The lights are much brighter there
    You can forget all your troubles,
    Forget all your cares
    So go downtown, Belladonna Cove
    (lyrics by Petula  Clark).

    The Baldwins:
    With the promise to clean up corruption in the Downtown Belladonna Cove...
  • 20171012
    May 3, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 415
    Running on the platform of making opening small businesses his priority Beaumont DeBateau won the Belladonna Cove suburban election.  Now with a house on the hill he and his scientist wife Melanie can now concentrate on their children Giselle, Keaton, Callie, Cinda, and  Sunny.   Melanie worked with genetic alteration and anti-aging within the laboratories of  SimPE and her first Test subjects were none other than the Ottomas Family.  Dora Otttomas had come to her about getting rid of the ugly gene that kept popping up in the family tree,  Melanie felt that she could assist with this problem.  So...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 414
    Following Sally and James Chesterson leaving their daughter Stella Roth in Riverblossom Hills with their careers as Celebrity Chefs they had left the Llama's and were hired by Valentine Monty of the hit rock band Valentine and the Monotones to be his personal chefs in his entourage. This was exciting to both Sally and James a new adventure for them and new people to meet. The Monty's had set the Chesterson's up with a very comfortable home with what seemed like an unending bankroll. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by some of the locals. It was through Tatianna Summerdream that they learned...
  • 20171012
    In the rolling hills of the community of Riverblossom where residents enjoy the outdoors, their gardens and keeping secrets. It was no secret that Catherine Viejo suffered from loneliness while her husband Julio was working as a war correspondent overseas. That's when she met up with the handsome Tango Caliente. Never sure if her husband was to return from his assignment. Catherine and Tango continued the affair until Julio arrived one day while she was at work. Coming home that evening and seeing Julio made Catherine's heart go aflutter and also a wave of nausea as well. Oh, what has she done,...
  • 20171012
    There is a fork in the road that leads out of Bluewater to the left is the vast green valley of Desiderata to the right are the lush hills of Riverblossom. It is in Desiderata Valley that we find desires, deception divorce and calling the dead to lend a helping hand.  

    Looking in on the Contrary family how Edward and Opal desiring to have a  second chance  with not only one another but also with their son Rick as if it were a  dream both Opal and Edward could see into the future with how their toddler Rick would turn out.  It was not as most  parents would expect their child-hating them...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 349
    A few miles out of Pleasantview is the little village of Bluewater. From the distance, you can see the expansive mansion that is owned by the Landgraab family. The Landgraab's were once one of the richest most powerful families in the area. But during the great pc crash of 2013, they lost everything. Malcolm III survived barely with his son Malcom IV. Losing his wife Margaret was devastating. Losing all his businesses was even harder to take because that was his legacy for his son Malcolm. So it's just the two of them. So Malcolm III is in the process of rebuilding his life with his son Malcolm...
  • 20171012
    March 31, 20132
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 350
    In between the shores of SimPe Ocean and the banks of The Sims 2 River. Lies the soon to be bustling burg of Port Whitewater. It is here that we find the infamous SimPe Corporation It is here at SimPe that genetics are altered, the dead are brought to life and relatively anything you want to be done can be accomplished here. The medical research center is found in the heart of Port Whitewater, It is headed up by Senior Doctors Herbert and Faith Goodie, who had previously moved to Port Whitewater from Sim Bin Alley. They found Port Whitewater to be a quiet and pleasant community, they found it so...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 405
    After losing everything due to some VBT's in my game I reinstalled the game with a new hood to go with the Uberhood, Port Whitewater (from MTS).  Beginning with the Goodie Family.  Herbert and Faith have become  Doctors for the infamous SimPE  Institute.  Where Herbert is  Chief of  Staff at the facility while Faith is in charge of Genetic Research.  Their secondary LTW was to graduate 3 children from college so they had adopted 3 children  Alisha,  Abraham, and Terrell.   All three children are ready to be shipped off to Uni but first a  vacation to the Orient is in order.

    Off to Pleasantview...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 328
    It was a warm summer evening the and Glabe and  Glarn were celebrating Glarn's Birthday a day early.  Glabe had gone out and purchased the Far  Star E  telescope for her husband. As they took turns looking through the scope a  blinding light descended upon them. Glabe and Glarn clutched on to one another as they were being lifted towards the light.  Holding on for dear life they ascended into some type of aircraft. Once inside two green creatures with black orbs for eyes pulled the couple apart and placed them in separate enclosed  glass rooms. They could see one another but could not speak. because...
  • 20171012
    March 5, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 385
    Well in the new subhood Arbondale Heights, Don's paying child support to Elise Larson for son Jaydon, Lucy Gieke for son Cadon, and now Tara Kat for son Taran.  Better play Don so he  can get some moolah!  LOL  goofiguy
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 311
    Matthew and Jessica moved into the Strangetown military housing. First night in their new home Jessica became preggers again as Anabelle aged to a child.  The next day twins  Maddie and Callie aged to children as Matthew got promoted to Senior Officer,  Jessica was on maternity leave and collecting her salary as a Jr Officer.  The first day that the girls were to begin Private School Jessica delivered triplets! The Picaso's welcomed Matt, Jenna and of course Pablo. The girls missed school because of the event but Matthew came home with a promotion to Astronaut!
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 358
    As we enter Strangetown just on the outskirts is a street called Dead End  Lane where a large estate holds a mass of what appears to be graves. But looks can be deceiving. This is known as the Specter Estate where an "old" woman Olive lives with her niece Ophelia.  The word in the hood is that Olive killed all those people which include her sister Willow, brother in law Creon, husband Ichabod, the neighbors Lyla Grunt and Glabe Curious.
    Under the what appears to be a cemetery is actually a bunker issued by the military and was being used as a testing facility by not only the Military but...
  • 20171012
    The new"It" couple of Viper Canyon is Robert and Cynthia Kim.  It appears that the Kims have cornered the real estate market buying and selling homes.  As a  matter of fact, they sold Matthew and Jessica's  home to Lisa Ramirez's  mother.  They were able to get Justin into private school and in addition have two more children Josh and Justine. Life couldn't get any better but then again.....
    Off to see how those globe-trotting Traveller's are doing Trent has settled into his career in Adventure and has managed to work himself up to an International Sim of Mystery, While Trish is content with...
  • 20171012
    February 26, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 383
    What a joyous day in the Newson home! Greg and Gianna Newsom were released from their extended stay in CAS!  But to come home to 6 toddlers was quite the challenge.  But together they accomplished everything for Gavin, Ginger Gallegher, Gabrielle, Georgia and Garrett to were all had grown into children well!  Now the trying times of childhood and as we who know the Newson children, Ginger has always been a yearner, always yearning and wanting. This time with her parents by her side she will be able to grow into a more confident adult.
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 388
    The little community of Viper Canyon is all abuzz with the Picaso home being put on the market, a wedding is being planned, some major surgeries and of course babies being born.
    It looks as though the Picaso home may have been sold!  Bought by Lisa Ramirez's mother Carmen Mendota.   Over at Tara  Kat's  house, Tara met her neighbor Cyd Roseland and after a couple of dates, the couple is now planning a wedding they have combined pets cats and dog seem to be coexisting rather well!  The venue  for the wedding has not been determined but they will be sure to let all their friends know where to...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 373
    As we journey through Viper Canyon we meet up with Matthew and Jessica Picaso they work on the Military base there.  While Matthew wants to reach the top of his military career his wife Jessica wants to have 6 children.  When we got there they were working on it.  First came Annabelle and soon after twins Callie and Maddie.  Just 3 more but first they will be in the market for a bigger house.  Matthew has just recently been promoted to counterintelligence while Jessica is a Fighter Pilot.
  • 20171012
    February 20, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 406
    As we leave the blue waters of Bluewater Village.  We know that trouble is amiss with the Ramierez's especially now that Checo is paying child support to Mary Gavigan for his daughter Anastasia.  Yves has returned from  Chef school to Denise and  Gilbert to run the bakery and have at least 5 more children.  Malcolm   Landgraab III  is raising toddler  Malcolm IV on his own as he continues to build his empire.  Then there are the Delarosa's who run the little flower shop down the street the shop was intended for daughter Florence but that may change with the additions of Fern and William II.  The...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 332
    As we visit the Ramirez's we find out that the marriage isn't what it seems.  On the outside, Lisa and Checo appear to be a very loving couple but little does Lisa know Checo is a ladies man. rumor around  Bluewater Village is that Checo has been seen woohooing Tatiana Summerdream and Mary Gavigan and even some Lisa hasn't even heard of.  The worst thing is  Lisa thinks she's  preggers what to do ??? The only person she trusts with talking about this is her mother Carmen.  Carmen came straight to the home from Simpe Tutorial to comfort and support her daughter.  Checo always wanting everything...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 386
    As we leave the somewhat scandalous Pleasantview, we come upon a quiet business orientated town called Bluewater Village.  It is here that Herb and Coral Oldie have taken their grandaughter's to live after their parent's divorce.  Their plan is to give the girls a stable environment as well as a sense of responsibility working at the family's diner downtown.  As promised as soon as Lilith got her grades up he invited the headmaster over and convinced him to enroll the girls in the prestigious private school.  As far as Angela and Lilith's relationship is concerned living with MAry Sue and Daniel...
  • 20171012
    February 17, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 386
    As we move forward to the neighboring community of Bluewater Village.  We leave Nina Caliente as a single parent to Donatella living a carefree life due to her acquiring her trust fund.  While sister Dina has reunited with husband  Michael Bachelor unbeknownst to Michael the baby that Dina is carrying is not  his but the Neighbor Don Lothario who also fathered  Nina's daughter.  Speaking of Don he and Cassandra called off the wedding due to Cassandra is now in love with her best friend Mary Sue's ex-husband legend Hall of Famer Daniel, and the mere fact that she is carrying his...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 367
    Descending upon the Dreamers, Darren and Dirk are anxiously awaiting the return of Darleen from the hospital where she has resided for the last 13 years suffering from amnesia. It was quite the family reunion that Darleen even convinced Darren to get Dirk in private school and Darren could resume his law practice.  
    Meanwhile, at the Goths, everyone arrived for the wedding that never took place. Victor and Gunther returned from their quest for the fountain of youth, Frida came back from the outer limits, and even  Bella arrived just in time to comfort Cassandra from being stood up at the altar,...
  • 20171012
    February 15, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 365
    It was off to the Broke household, just when Brandi got her first bump she finally received her trust fund money and it was just in time too. Dustin was trying to help support the family but was heading in the wrong direction.  One day when Dustin returned from school she had a lecture with him about quitting his job because he did not have to work to support the family anymore because of the windfall.  Also, it would be a good thing that he quit because his dad would be returning home by the end of the week. Finally, with some money in her pocket, Brandi went shopping for new clothes for  Beau...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 348
    As we travel through Pleasantview Dr. Don got a promotion to Resident at the hospital and when he returned home he found his housekeeper there crying that she was evicted from her apartment. Well,  Don's been thinking a  lot about Kaylynn and the possibilities so he  offered her a  place to live. Meanwhile, at the Caliente home, Dina had just returned from an afternoon romp with Don to her surprise waiting in her living room was her thought dead husband Michael!  Hmmm, what to do???? She's been pursuing Mortimer Goth for the Kaching...... Come to find out, Michael was off an island near the Twikki...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 357
    Due to having to reset the game, a new story begins beginning in the main town of Pleasantview where stopping off at the Pleasant home which was not so pleasant. As Mary Sue Pleasant leaves for work in the morning and her two daughters are fighting as usual husband Daniel is left on his own.   Little does Mary Sue know Daniel is waiting for the maid Kaylynn to come to the house for a  little more than cleaning the house.  
    After Kaylynn finishes her work she hangs around for a little afternoon tryst with Daniel. Unbeknownst to both Mary Sue, unfortunately, has gotten fired from her job and...
  • 20171012
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 355
    Continuing through  Viper Canyon there are some new residents.  Stopping by Julien Cooke's home, we find him working diligently on his culinary skills.  Once he was demoted from  line cook at Mc Sims to drive through clerk he found another job as a prep cook at Red's  Diner. Every night after work he called the gypsy for a  blind date.  He had awesome dates with Alexandra O'Mackey and  Patricia Wan.  It was Patricia that he asked to move in with him because  Alexandra was too hung up on the ex-husband.   Patricia is also working on that career in Journalism hoping for that Pulitzer.  It was when...
  • 20171012
    Background •February 5, 2013
    LisafashonistaComments: 0Views: 367
    Legends of the  Hoods is  the Sim stories of Sims and communities that have or are working on becoming Legends whether they are Legendary Lovers, Business  Tycoons, or legends in their own minds. Legendary communities are those that have outstanding businesses that are either local hot spots or  5-star businesses.  In the Uberhood, we will be visiting multiple communities where we will share family secrets and scandals.  So let's not hesitate  any further and begin this  journey  flower

    Within this large community...

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