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  • 20190126
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 347
    Finally, SimGarden Fashion Flair has arrived! If you would like one, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] with the title and game categories you want.
  • 20150517
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  • 20180111
    Here in the quaint business town, complete with it's own trading port, lives several families. Today, we will be dropping by the generational ultrarich family, the Landgraabs. Stay tuned and watch their story unfold...


    Both Malcolm and Margaret Landgraab lll"s parents have long passed...
  • 20190901
    CindaLoveComments: 3Views: 141
    Hello fellow Simmer's Gardeners! We are about to embark on a journey with Cinda Simmer, my simself, and her scenario in my game. So here goes!  sunny

    Cinda Simmer has lived in Willow Creek ever since she graduated from Willow Creek High School. Being a natural cook, she decided enrolling in the School of Culinary Arts would be the best direction to take...
  • 20190210
    Hello, fellow Simmer's Gardeners, I've been playing my simself and thought that I would make a new honey for her. So I got to work and am very pleased with the results. They hit it off great and after dating for awhile, are now engaged. His name is Kevin Simmington and you can now download him [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
  • 20190105
    CindaLoveComments: 1Views: 248
    Hi Simmer's Gardeners! A while back, I decided to play out the Sims 4 again to see if I could find anything that I really like about it. While I found only a few things that I like about it (it lacks depth, therefore, it is just not good gameplay), I do think the sims look halfway decent, at least the Goth family does. Being a CC junky, I went on a CC spree for the Sims 4 to see if I could improve the looks of the sims I play and decided to update my SimSelf. I gave her a new look, a few tweaks, and voila! A new and improved...
  • 20150823
    Florence and the Burning Bush... Er... Tree • December 12, 2013
    CindaLoveComments: 12Views: 964
    I was playing Florence Delarosa one day in my Uberhood, and I had her open up a flower shop, Just Flowers and More, as her home business was a success and she wanted something bigger. Well, into her first day in her new flower shop, summer storms arrived and lightening struck the tree in front of her shop and it caught on fire. The usual, sims flipping out, etc., entailed but I noticed that after the storm ended, the tree was still on fire. So I called the fire department and he fined her for a false alarm! LOL Here are a...
  • 20150823
    February 12, 2013
    CindaLoveComments: 16Views: 1004
    Well now that I have reset and restarted my Uberhood, I started out with my favorite family, the Goths. Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra and Alexander started gardening in their huge greenhouse day and night until they each received their Gold Master Gardener badge. Shortly there after, because of my denying them any ladybug houses, Cassandra and Bella went on bugspraying overload. I kept thinking I was going to make Cassandra a plant sim, as I have never had any success making one before, but little did I know when I heard this commotion,...
  • 20150823
    January 7, 2013
    CindaLoveComments: 6Views: 615
    Well here's the pics I promised of my favorite family, the Goths. If you look closely, some of the floors, wallpaper, etc. are missing because I removed the downloads folder to see if cc was the culprit, but it was not. I'm finding out the onboard graphics aren't as grand as the store adveritized for gaming, but it could be that I have 6 sims and 4 pets in that family making all that jazz. LOL

  • 20171109
    Hello Simmer's Gardeners, it's been quite a long time since I've posted here about my Sims game. I've since resolved the graphics problem I posted about in Glitchy Goths and also I've had a few PC crashes since then and lost the game I was playing, so I had to start over again. Bummer. I'm learning to be more diligent in backing up my game and cc in case of any future crashes that may happen. On the bright side, I'm really getting far into my MegaUberhood and will be picking up where I left off in Welcome to Strangetown...
  • 20180603
    The story of Strangetown's first military family, the Grunts, is a complex but a vital one to Strangetown's history. The story begins with General Chip Grunt and Dr. Missy Grunt.

    Simrose Place CxSbIiq

    Gen. Buzz, retired General of the United States of Simerica, in the military career.

  • 20150823
    February 18, 2013
    CindaLoveComments: 2Views: 544
    Well, I played the SimCity Closed Beta - and I loved it! It took an hour and a half to download it, then another 40 minutes to hook up to one of their two servers. Then I had screen resolution problem that prevented me from playing it, so I restarted my pc and then adjusted the screen resolution - then we were off!
    When starting the game, you enter into a tutorial city, Summer Shoals, with another city close by, a prosperous city with casinos, which I can't remember the name of. LOL The tutorial is great...
  • 20150823
    April 4, 2013
    CindaLoveComments: 2Views: 624
    A little while back, when I had a brief interest in The Sims 3, I  gave Goth Manor a little makeover, (That's  the only thing that interests me in that game, is the customizing tool.) so I thought I'd share a few pics with ya'll.


    Living Room

    Here, Mortimer is peeved...
  • 20150823
    January 7, 2013
    CindaLoveComments: 1Views: 687
    Well, after running into a snag with my Sims 2 game, I thought I would try my hand at the Sims 3. I downloaded and put the Nraas Overwatch into my game, and well, I believe it caused these glitches:


    The first time I noticed this the Goths were at the library and this tofunda was stuck in the doorway kind of like this, but I pressed the scrapbook pic thing...
  • 20150823
    As the title implies, here is my soap opera of Strangetown starting with the Curious Family.


    Last time we left off with the blossoming romance between Lazlo Curious and Florence Delarosa. Lazlo realizes the beach bum look is out, so he decides he wants to put together a whole new style to attract Florence. He starts by standing in front of the magical-mirror-that-magically-transports-sims-to-the-hairstylist-of-their-choice.
  • 20150823
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 505
    Well, I preordered the SimCity game thinking it would be a great game - EA sure made everyone believe it was, but I was in for a big disappointment. EA, being the sly, slick rip-off artists they are, definitely went out of their way to hype it up and make it look soooooo good, in their cleverly controlled Beta game and pulled the wool over our eyes. On the launch date, it was a disaster, but I was one of the lucky ones who got to play it for several hours before I put it up. But the next day was a different thing... noone...
  • 20150823
    December 12, 2014
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 445
    I've been rediscovering my game lately editing with SimPE and having a lot of fun with it. I've started with rezzing the ancestors and even have been sucessful in fixing the corrupted faces of some sims. Sims Wiki has been a big help with this. Since Pleasantview has always been my fave hood and I've played the wham out of it, (lol) I've this time I'd start with Strangetown, blogging about each family. Hopefully I'll be able to capture something that I've never seen before. The Sims 2 is still such a great game. Ya'll are...
  • 20150823
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 560
    Hi ya'll, I've been getting back into my game lately and decided to share a few pics of the Goths enjoying their weekend. Smile 

    First of all, I can't keep Mortimer and Bella away from each other - they find each other incredibly hot!

  • 20150823
    August 17, 2014
    CindaLoveComments: 0Views: 497
    Finally finished my Simself using the Sims 4 CAS Demo and I thought I'd share some pics of her with my fellow Simmer's Gardeners! She looks like a very young version of me;- about 25 years ago. LOL

    Simrose Place T1S19Ku

    Simrose Place S97Rw21

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