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Mini Duplex Three!

on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:26 pm
Hello Everyone!  mickeywave   My first, well actually, (second), Duplex has finally arrived.   yay   It has been 'Tested', but, I did notice after moving my simmies into my lot, I saw that Mirrors and Dinner Table had disappeared. So you will need to place mirrors in the bathrooms, and get your own dinner tables and chairs.   😢   Orrrrr, you can open the "Spoiler" below to see how you can keep my furnishings!   extrahappy


Hi Guys! Remember a while back when I was asking if there was some way we can use the furnishings that are in Apartments? Well, a fellow simmer has shared that info with me.  See Below!

***********  extrahappy  ***********

BBdoll the furnishings are still there - In order to have your Sim rent the apartment furnished  hit ctrl shift C on your keyboard and type in the following cheat code:

boolprop  testingCheatsEnabled true (exactly as I have typed it including the space) then shift click on the apartment door that your Sim wants to rent (the Sim must be in front of the door) then shift click on the door and click the option Rent Furnished  - once the apartment is rented all of the furnishings will appear.

**Make sure to turn this cheat off when you are finished renting the apartment

boolprop testingCheatsEnabled false

***Please backup your game first just in case you make an error**** Also with this cheat running if there are any issues with the apartment you will get errors****Please back up your game first****Also if you plan on sharing this lot package a clean copy to file first.**

BBdoll, Objects in areas outside of the apartment are considered "community property"  All Sims can use them. Sims won't be able to park their cars in the garage unless they are attached to their apartments. You can place a car on the lot for the Sims to use but you cannot have them "own" the car - the Sim won't be able to use the car to go to work.


I have also used, "Clean Installer" to take out unwanted stuff, so you should be good to go.  This one is a lot smaller than my first one that I posted, and the Weekly Rent was cut by 1/2.   goofigirl   Enjoy!  mickeywave   Oh, please let me know if you have any problems...

*****   strut   *****

Mini Duplex Three - Tahamini Island
3-Stories - Lot Value $118,165
Lot Size is 30x30
Weekly Rent - $5,512 to $6,555
The only CC is my own personal Tile that you will see in the Bathroom (Apartment #1)
*Black & White Warp Horiz2 - by BBdoll3

*Mini Duplex Three*

*Front View*

**Select the Spoiler below to see more snaps!


*Rear View*

*Left View*

*****  pillowfight   *****

*First Floor*

*****  pillowfight   *****

*Second Floor*

*****  pillowfight   *****

*Third Floor*

*****   bull    *****

*Apartment #1*

*****    coffeeread    *****

*****   bull    *****

*Apartment #1 - 2nd Floor - Living Room*

*****    Sleep    *****

*Apartment #1 - 3rd Floor - Master Bed & Bathroom*

*****   dancer    *****

*Apartment #2*

*****    coffeeread    *****

*****   dancer    *****

*Apartment #2 - 2nd Floor - Living Room*

*Apartment #2 - 2nd Floor - Bedroom*

*****   dancer    *****

*Apartment #2 - 3rd Floor Entrance*

*****   Sleep   *****

*Apartment #2 - Master Bed & Bathroom*

*****   dancer    *****

** You may notice that I've changed the tile in my Bathrooms to match the tile that is shown in the Kitchen.  The layout is the same except for the tile.

*****   dancer    *****

I have the following EP's & SP's, (DD, Season's, Freetime, Ikea/Kitchen-Bath, Bon Voyage, Fun with Pets Collection, University Life Collection, Best of Business Collection and Apartment Life).  The Collection's have (H&M Fashion Stuff and Bath & Kitchen Stuff; Home Stuff and Teen Style Stuff; Mansion&Garden Stuff and Family Fun Stuff).

Last edited by BBdoll3 on Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:30 am; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : New Sim File Share Button!)
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