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Four Plex Living!

on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:00 pm
My New Four Plex Apartment

**I have made some changes cheers  and additions to my 4-Plex.  Please select the 'Spoiler' bottom for more detail!**

#1 Spoiler - Important Information - Please Read!!!

Hello Guys!  I have made some great changes to my 4-Plex.  After receiving the information from a co-simmer, LilSister (Click on Link Below), I’ve discovered some new stuff that I would like to share with you.  [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

LilSister shared some great info that I have been researching and hoping to find for some time now.  If you recall, a while back, I posted a question asking if anyone knew a way to keep the furnishings that you see in your Apartment complexes, as when your Sims rent the apartment, “Everything” disappears….  Well, great news!!!!  It’s actually still available to us.  We just need to enter a cheat code and all of the furnishings will reappear.

I have tested and followed her instructions, and indeed “All” furnishings popped up!    She was correct about the Driveway though.  I did test and tried to add a car for my Sims, but it would not attach.  I removed my Sims to the bin, so I could go back into the build mode making my lot a “Residential Lot”.  Now get this… I thought for sure that all of my furnishings I had in the Apartment he had rented would disappear after I moved him out, but when I went back into the lot, everything was just as it was.  “Now, how cool is that?”  extrahappy

Anywhoooo, I added (4) cars – nothing fancy; added more furnishings; removed (2) doors by the stairs in front of the apartments.  The reason for this is that it really didn’t matter if doors were there or not, ‘Crazy Visitors’ were still pouring in like it was a community lot.  That’s the only draw-back for this apartment.  Intruders will be in the, Workout Room/Sauna/Pool and Game Areas.  Sorry guys!  I did attempt to add another gate at the back stairs, but they went right through them and down the stairs.

They cannot enter your Simmies Apartments without being asked, or you make friends with one of them.  (Just like a regular house.)  So Lock Doors as a precaution.   Okay, I’ve tested the apartments and they are good.  Now LilSister does mention that after adding an auto your Sims can use them, but cannot be the ‘owner’.   I found this to be incorrect, as I was able to get an Alarm and Change Owner to my Sims.  I didn’t try to remove my Sims to see what would happen in that area, but should you decide to later, it may remain with the apartment.  I will test that again and keep you updated of any changes.

Anyway, just to let you know, I have added a lot more furnishings and the (4) Autos to the Clean Lot.  The Lot that I have uploaded for you is a Clean Lot, and the nasty Garbage (Trash) Cans have been removed using “CI”.  I have provided you with a New CI snap to show you what’s in the 4-Plex.  You may select items you don’t want to install.

I have not used any CC’s, so this lot should be safe for you to load and move your Simmies in.  Should you have any problems at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I hope you enjoy this lot as much as I have enjoyed creating it.   Sorry for being so wordy, but I wanted to ensure you had all of the much needed info.

Happy Simming and Enjoy!  mickeywave

Lot Size: 50 X 50 - With 4 Large Units
Lot Value ($360,092) Rent ($2,880 to $3,240)
2-Stories – 4 Car Garage
Large Private Play Area in Rear – w/ Basketball Court
Huge Heated Pool – Sauna – Workout Room – Pool Room



#2 Spoiler has more photos!!!

CI...  This is what is in the Four Plex lot. You may deselect items you don't want to install.

Front View…

Garages for Apartments 1 & 3..

This is where your Sims who live in, Apartments (1 & 3) will share their parking spaces.  On this side, your Sims can jump into a huge Heated Pool to get a nice workout.  There is also a nice Pool Room close by.

Apartments 1 & 3..

Garages for Apartments 2 & 4..

This is where Sims who live in Apartments (2 & 4) share parking spaces.  In the Workout Room - there is plenty of space and workout equipment to get your Sims in shape.  There is a massage table to get those kinks out after a hard workout, or your Sims can relax in a nice Sauna close by. extrahappy

Apartments 2 & 4..

2nd Level - Aerial View…

Right View…

Rear View…

There is a very nice and 'Safe' play area for your Sims.

1st Level View…

This is the Entrance to the Workout area from the 1st Level.

2nd Level Patio…

The second level can be accessed using the Front & Back Stair of the 4-Plex.  Stairs in Front go directly to the 2nd level,  whereas, the Stairs in the back, exits to the 1st level.   Your Sims must exit thru the Sauna & Game Rooms to exit to the Front.

Massage Area

Workout Room & Sauna..

Pool & Game Room..

**********   mickeywave  **********

SP's and EP's required for this lot are, (Double Deluxe, Season's, Freetime, Kitchen/Bath, Ikea, Bon Boyage, Best of Business Collection(H&M Fashion Stuff), University Life Collection(Home Stuff and Teen Style Stuff), Fun w/Pets Collection(Mansion & Garden Stuff and Family Fun Stuff) and Apartmen
t Life).

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