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Daily Prayer For February 4, 2019 Empty Daily Prayer For February 4, 2019

on Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:18 pm
Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Our Father,

Parents see their children through a different lens than everyone else does…they want the best for them and try to nurture the good they see in them…they often realize their children’s strengths long before their children do…they see the potential that others may not…they look to encourage and find ways to nurture their children so they can bring out the best in them…

A parent’s heart hurts when their child’s hurts…they rejoice when they rejoice…they delight in their laughter and happiness and the things that brings them joy…we are so humbled that you feel that same way about us …how blessed we are to be your children…how grateful we are that because of all our beloved Savior did for us, our sin no longer separates us from you.

Please, help us to have a hunger and thirst for time with you. There is no better or safer place to be than in your presence. Help us to open our arms to receive the precious, empowering gifts that you long to give us… too often we settle for just grabbing a tiny morsel from your table and rushing off, when you have made ready a feast for us and long to share it with us.

Help us to train ourselves to turn to you before we turn to others. In your presence we are safe, protected sheltered and encouraged…we find rest as we sit and unload our cares and weariness and just lean on you and spend time with you…we can be ourselves and know that we are unconditionally loved, that you understand us and you know how best to help us… we gain insight and perspective as we seek your counsel and wisdom and we find comfort, strength and reassurance to help us face the challenges before us. Thank you for all you do for us. Thank you for being a good Father to us. Even if our earthly parents were not what they should have been…we know you will never let us down…you will never forget us, betray us, hurt us or be anything but good to us. Thank you for the many ways you show your love and care for us. It is comforting to know you will be with us this week in all that lies ahead and that we can face each day with hope and confidence because our Jesus lives. May we make you proud and bring you honor in all we think, say and do this week. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Blessings be upon you and your week my dear brother and sisters!

~Hope For The Brokenhearted
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