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Updated December 2018


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Welcome to the life of Raymond Pereira!

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hello  everyone!  Welcome to the life of my sim, "Raymond Pereira"!  

To bring you up to speed on what has happened with my simmie since I started playing him, about 1 year ago.  I just recently started concentrating on playing him again.  He's really a wonderful sim to play.  cheers


He even started working out and had lost some weight. 

Anyway, things were going well with Raymond, and he met Terrie B., and fell in love with her.  There first kiss was in a bar! 

Outta no where, Terrie purposes to Raymond and he accepted.  bounce  Well, I wasn't happy with that situation, because I wanted Raymond to be the one to purpose.  Therefore, I had to make the just friends again and start alllll over!  groan  That was a lonnnnnng process, as I didn't want them to become enemies.   But every time I looked up, there was Terrie over there kissing on him, so it made the breakup process longerafraid

Finally, they became just friends again.  Then I had to build up the love again - which didn't take long, but when Raymond purposed, crazy Terrie, said "No"!   afraid    Give me a break why don't you!!!!    scaredy   After a few more attempts, Raymond was able to get Terrie to say, "Yes!"  And I think that was all because another cutie was trying to get close to my boy!    bravo   lol2  BuTtTt, would you believe, then Raymond gets abducted?!?!  Oh yeah,,,, he was beamed up by this Space Ship popping outta no where,,,  afraid  

then after some time -  he drops outta no where - PrEgOoOo!!! scaredy  tongueout    I missed the great return, cause it happened so fast.  Anyway,  after a couple days, Raymond starts to feeling strange.

He starts blowing up like a hot air balloon.   hilarious

I don't know what happened, but at one point - when I thought Raymond was picking up his mail after work, I guess he was having the bby alien!   

Cause next thing I know, bby was in the crib!  Screaming!  dancer 

(BBy Dalton Pereira)

I think it caused a strain on his love life with Terrie, because every time Terrie tried to come over to visit, Raymond was sleeping, or feeding his new bby.

Terrie would run in, look at the screaming bby, then looks at Raymond, and runs out!   lol2          Anywho, Raymond was missing work; the boss is calling every day, and here's this screaming bby wanting attention.  Well, Dalton grows to a tot.   Shocked Mad  So Raymond had to teach him to talk, and potty - but we never got to the potty part...

After Raymond picked the tot up, he was stuck to his hip!!!!!  Yep, you heard me right...  That bby was a pain in my -   (Raymond's) side.  He was always wanting attention,  24/7, and goodness after he aged up, it was even worse.  afraid   That bby jumped on Raymond like fleas on a dog!  

Yep, couldn't pry that bby away to save my soul...  Raymond couldn't do nothing for that tot,  soooooo, he had to go!!!

I'mmmmm sorry!  That bby had to go....

Raymond was sad for a while, but he started seeing more of Terrie and they got married!  That's another story for later....

Last edited by BBdoll3 on Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:11 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Moved from my Blogger!)


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on Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:57 pmCindaLove
hilarious Very funny! Did the baby die or did the Social Worker come and get the baby? I'm sure that you could have gotten them unstuck by typing resetSim Firstname Lastname (resetSim Raymond Pereira or resetSim Dalton Pereira) in the command box. Very interesting predicament...
on Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:32 pmBBdoll3
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
Ohhhh Cinda, you just don't know!   unhappydance That bby was working my 'last' nerve.  dancer He just would not pop off of his dad.  Now, Raymond was able to put him in his hi-chair, but when Raymond had to go to the bathroom, he'd stand there then the bby would jump back on his hip.  When he took a shower/bath - that bby was stuck to him like glue.

When he went to work, it showed the bby was placed in daycare, but soon as it was time for Raymond to return home, that bby was stuck to him again.   Shocked  Mad  My sim was getting frustrated/hungry, etc., and I had to use the 'Make Happy' command.

Dalton finally disappeared in a puffy cloud after all his needs turned Red.  cheers  A message popped up saying, Raymond was an unfit parent and it would be best if he got a Gold Fish or something.    giggle

Thanks for the tip.  If I ever let my sim have another alien bby, I'll remember to use this if I have the same problem!  scratch 
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