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 SimCity Is A Disaster!

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PostSimCity Is A Disaster!

Well, I preordered the SimCity game thinking it would be a great game - EA sure made everyone believe it was, but I was in for a big disappointment. EA, being the sly, slick rip-off artists they are, definitely went out of their way to hype it up and make it look soooooo good, in their cleverly controlled Beta game and pulled the wool over our eyes. On the launch date, it was a disaster, but I was one of the lucky ones who got to play it for several hours before I put it up. But the next day was a different thing... noone could get online to play it because there wasn't enough servers! Well after much complaints (and cursing!) by customers, Maxis issued an apology, a voucher for a free game download of selected games, and vowed to make more servers to accommodate all the players. Except there was a problem with that. The more of the lousy servers they added, the more they had to "sync" and close down half of them to service and actually disable features of the game such as the cheetah speed control (ultra fast forward) in order to get the ones they had up able to support the player load. They had to have known this would happen. They had to have. As a matter of fact, an EA employee issued a letter to EA executives online about the shameful way EA has jipped the customers of a quality game. And EA has won the Golden Poo Award for the second year in a row for the worst company of the year in America.
One of the other major problems with the game besides the major server issue is that the maps they have provided for you to build a city are way too small.  When your city starts growing and prospering, there is no room to expand your city so it can grow, thus it pretty much comes to a screeching halt and the city burns itself out. What is really puzzling is why is there so much unused land in between cities that could be used to expand your city, but sits there inaccessible. Even I have thought, 'why don't they allow you purchase this extra land, or "annex" it, as in real life? They have tried to make it as close to real life as possible; when you mess up something, there is no reverse button, you just have to bulldoze it and lose your city's money in the game. I certainly hope they do fix this problem with future updates, but right now they are fighting with just trying to get the game playable with the server issue, they haven't even begun to work on the game's minor glitches, such as stuck sims, and traffic. Another big problem that has started with the servers is that sometimes the servers don't process the information to save it properly, forcing you to choose between rolling the city back to a previous time, or abandoning it. It has happened to me 3 times already, and it is very off-putting.
Maxis did offer a free download of selected games as their apology; I chose BeJewled 3, the rest they had to offer was war games and SimCity 4. (Which I heard stunk, so I didn't get that one.) I think I've played the free game more than SimCity. The bottom line is, EA still hasn't learned their lesson, being the tightwads and hypocrites they are, and is still throwing cruddy games together for the sake of the almighty dollar. If the Sims 4 will be DRM, the Sims franchise will be in serious trouble, and I doubt I will waste another dollar on it. After all, EA has already ripped me off hundreds of dollars with the Sims 3 and SimCity. EA, have you no shame? Oh, of course not.
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SimCity Is A Disaster!

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