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Welcome To Strangetown - The Grunt Family

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The story of Strangetown's first military family, the Grunts, is a complex but a vital one to Strangetown's history. The story begins with General Chip Grunt and Dr. Missy Grunt.


Gen. Buzz, retired General of the United States of Simerica, in the military career.

Dr. Missy, retired Chief of Staff in the medical career.

Noodle and Sheba, Chip's and Missy's pets adopted from the animal shelter.

Their only child, son Buzz Grunt, married his high school sweetheart, Lyla Vandermorgan, upon graduation. After their honeymoon, Buzz enlisted in the Army; his life-long dream was to become a general, like his father. Almost immediately, Lyla became pregnant with their firstborn, son Tank. With Buzz working hard at his job and being promoted steadily, Lyla still had dreams of becoming an actress and hoped to start acting lessons once Tank started school but that was put on the back burner, once again, after she became pregnant with their second child, Ripp.  

A few years later, Buzz had finally became General and with the boys in school, Lyla began acting lessons and she landed a few commercial gigs on radio and television but didn't have any luck with any TV or movie roles. Still, she was satisfied for the moment at least, with what she had accomplished and started focusing on raising her two sons. Pretty soon, she was pregnant with her third child and she hoped this time for a little girl but having a healthy child was all that mattered when their little son, Buck, arrived.

She felt blessed to have a healthy son, who looked just like her. Buzz of course, was elated to have another son; he had hopes that all his sons would follow in his footsteps and become military men. After the boys came home from school and on weekends, Buzz would make them run obsticle courses and jog around the base with him in hopes of strenghthening them and instilling a sense of discipline in them. Lyla, at times felt he was pushing them too hard and the two of them started getting into arguments about how they should raise their sons. She kept trying to make him understand that their children should be able to choose who they wanted to be as individual sims and tried to make him realize that he was pushing away his two younger sons with his extremeness, but to no avail.

Then Buzz became even more extreme, ordering Lyla to stay home and forbidding her to seek any acting gigs or jobs outside of the home. He would lecture her on how to be a "good military wife" and be a homemaker, not even acknowledging the fact that she was already a good wife and mother. It seemed like he was trying to put her "in her place", as if she had crossed some imaginary line, but in fact, he was the one who was overstepping all the boundaries.

As their relationship continued to deteriorate from the constant arguments and all the accusations, it was clear that Buzz was out of control with his attitude and their marriage began to crumble. He was a bully. It began to affect their children, especially Ripp, whose personality was quite like his mother's.

Then one evening, things totally escalated to the point where Lyla felt like she wasn't even welcome in her own home and didn't feel like she was respected or even loved by Buzz anymore. Buzz felt like a complete stranger to her and he wasn't the man that she married anymore. She knew it was over when in the heat of their argument, she asked him if he still loved her. He glanced at her then quickly looked away. His silence spoke volumes to her. That was all it took, and she had had enough. She wanted out.

She looked at him and said "I want a divorce." He quickly looked up, stunned at what she had just said. "What? What do you mean you want a divorce?" "It's over, Buzz. I've had enough and I want out. I can't live like this anymore." With tears in his eyes, Buzz begged her to stay, but Lyla knew it was no use and that she had to get out before things escalated into something worse and she feared for the children.

She walked past him, and stood at the foot of the stairs and looked up at her two oldest boys, who were crouched, peeking out from behind the upstairs wall, listening. She calmly told them to pack a bag because they would be leaving tonight. As Buzz overheard her, he quickly walked over to her and angrily told her that the boys weren't going anywhere. She looked up at him, trying not to choke on her words and told him defiantly, "I'm not going anywhere without my kids!" He looked away for a moment, then back at her and said "You want a divorce? You got it. But you're not taking the kids anywhere. And if you don't leave now, I'm calling the military police and having you arrested for abandoning your children and trespassing." With tears running down her face, she again told him that she wasn't going to leave without her kids. As Buzz proceeded to walk to the phone to make good on his threat, Tank and Ripp, fearing for their mother, called to their mother at the top of the stairs, telling her it would be okay to leave and that they all would be okay. They had been watching and listening to their parents' argument while their little brother was upstairs sleeping. They didn't dare cross their father, but they were ready to intervene and protect their mother if their father decided to go off the rails.

Tank, who was quite a bit like his father, and like his father, wanted to be a general in the military career, walked down the stairs and took his mother's hands in his, looked her in the eyes and in a low voice gently reassured her that they would be okay, explained to her that the best thing to do to diffuse the situation would be to go ahead and leave. Knowing that his father was a very powerful man in the military, he suggested that she get a lawyer and that he would call the JAG Corps himself, if he needed, to plead her case and promised to contact with her in the morning. Ripp came down and begged his mom, "Please Mom, just go before Dad does something crazy." She turned and reluctantly faced Buzz, who was on the phone. "You don't have to call the military police, I'm leaving now", she said. "I just called a cab for you. They will be here in five minutes", he said. She sighed and turned to her two sons standing by the foot of the upstairs and said softly in a choked voice, "I love you both" as she embraced them. "Please tell Buck I love him so much." Then she turned and walked out the front door into the desert night air, with tears streaming down her cheeks.  

She stood in front of the house on the sidewalk, waiting for her cab. As the cab arrived and pulled up beside her, she turned her head one last time towards the house and she caught the sad eyes of her two sons looking down at her from the second floor window.  The cab came to a full stop and Lyla opened the door and got in. "Where to?" asked the taxi driver. "Anywhere but here", she said, and as the taxi started to carry her away into the night, she closed her eyes and let out a long, deep sigh and hung her head down as she choked back the tears...

To be continued...
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on Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:47 amBBdoll3
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
Cinda, this is an awesome story!  Thanks for sharing.  Dr Missy is 'Beautiful', and those eyes are "Haunting..."  It's like she's looking right thru me!!!  afraid scaredy goofigirl  
on Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:51 amCindaLove
thankyou BB! I'll be working on part 2 soon...
poppy flower
on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:16 ampoppy flower
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
I love to see part 2 Cinda, it looks so fun to follow the fam  ballspin   thumbsup
on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:19 amCindaLove
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