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Welcome To Bluewater - The Landgraab Family - Part 1

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Here in the quaint business town, complete with it's own trading port, lives several families. Today, we will be dropping by the generational ultrarich family, the Landgraabs. Stay tuned and watch their story unfold...


Both Malcolm and Margaret Landgraab lll"s parents have long passed and the only heir to their multi-billion simoleon estate is their only child, son Malcolm the lll.

Malcolm and Margaret Landgraab lll

Malcolm Landgraab lll

Malcolm the lll is extremely ambitious, very much like all the Landgraabs before him, in that he had 2 level 10 successful businesses before the age of 25. By the time he reached the age of 26, he was craving more success, more prestige, so with managers running his businesses, he decided to join the business career, in hopes he would work his way to the top to be a CEO of a big company. After a few promotions and meeting all his coworkers, he often spent his weekends attending lavish parties within the business network and at one of those parties is where he met the love of his life, Heather Huffington. As some may know, she was a member of the Tri-Var Sorority along with two of her housemates, Tiffany Sampson and Britany Upsnott, attending Sim State University. A tad immature, she spent all her time flirting with all the campus boys out of boredom when she wasn't attending class or studying, just biding her time until she could finally finish college and move out into the real world, where she dreamed of being a superstar actress.

She managed to graduate with top honors in Drama and moved to a Downtown apartment, found some acting gigs and starting working her way up to her dreams. Always a party girl, she attended all the hottest parties thrown in town. Enjoying her freedom, she never thought about anything serious about anyone, always landing dates from the numerous parties she attended. Yes, the young starlet was having the time of her life. Until one night, at a party, she was invited to by one of her friend's friends, who was a business executive, she saw him and things changed really fast when he turned and caught her gaze from across the room.

Malcolm saw her as he turned around and saw the most beautiful woman he had seen in his life. Sure, being a rich bachelor meant he had his share of beautiful women hanging off of his arm but he never thought of them as anything more than just accessories in which to maneuver his way into the most extravagant social circles. But that night, even though he had attended the party with a date, he would not be leaving the party with her. He knew as soon as he saw Heather, that she was unlike any woman he had ever met. Knowing he couldn't let her get away, he sprang on this opportunity to meet her. He flashed a handsome smile and raised his hand in a hello and then started across the floor in her direction. She smiled with anticipation as he started walking towards her. "Hello, great party, huh?" "Yes", she answered. "Are you having a good time?" " Yes, I am now", she said with a charming smile. 'Wow', he thought as he took in her beauty. Conversation after conversation, they were so engrossed with one another that they didn't even see Malcolm's date standing briefly before them and still didn't notice when she scoffed and walked away. Soon they were the only ones there except Malcolm's business partner who threw the party and they knew the party was finally over. Not wanting the night to end, Malcolm invited her out for a coffee. She accepted and they made it to the coffeehouse an hour before they closed and enjoyed a nice frappuccino and more conversation. Malcolm, of course, did not pass up the opportunity to invite her out again, so they made a date for the next evening. After many, many more dream dates, Malcolm knew he was madly in love with her and knew he just had to make her his wife.

Heather feeling the same way, head over heels and eyes for no one else, accepted his proposal. Malcolm had just built his own new mansion and they decided that they didn't want a large wedding and would get married there. Malcolm and Heather were the perfect couple about to embark on their new life together...

Stay tuned for... what's that sound? Wedding Bells! heartpump

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on Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:10 amBBdoll3
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Thanks for sharing, Cinda. Enjoyed ur story. cheers
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