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The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:20 pm
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The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

At the end of Part I, Ralf had misbehaved badly with his neighbor Anne Fenton.

After thinking over what he had just done, Ralf was determined to fight his feelings of lust for Anne.

"Anne, that should never have happened", said Ralf, "I love Sarah and I'm going to be faithful to her from now on."
"I understand, Ralf.  It's not Sarah's fault she's sick and can't give you what a healthy man needs", said Anne.  

"If you change your mind, you know where to find me", she said, "Goodbye, Ralf."

When he got home he gave Sarah extra attention, trying to make up for cheating on her.
"How are you feeling my love?", he asked.
"Actually I feel better since I took that nap", she answered.
"If you feel as good as you look, then you must be feeling better", he said.

"I've been practicing my painting a little every day.  I think I'm rather good now", she said, "Will you pose tomorrow for a portrait?"

"You will do yourself a favor by finding yourself a better looking subject", joked Ralf.
"Well since you're  the only one handy, I guess you'll have to do", she said, going along with the joke.

Before much longer, Sarah fell asleep and Ralf was left alone with his thoughts.

Over at the Fenton's house, Jonathan had returned home.
"I was reading and didn't hear you come in", said Anne, "Did you enjoy yourself at the alehouse?"
"Yes, just the usual", he answered.
"It was lonely here without you", she said.
"Where was Olivia?  She should have been home to keep her mother  company", he said.
"She's staying the night with Bridget Edgar", said Anne.

"Come lay on the bed", she said..
"It's been a long time since we've done that", said Jonathan.
"Yes, that's just what I was telling . . . myself this afternoon", said Anne.
"So you're talking to yourself now are you?", he joked.

"Jonathan do you want to . . .well, you know", asked Anne.

And Johnathan said, "YES!"

A satisfied Jonathan slept soundly and Anne slept peacefully, knowing she had been able to "cover her tracks".

The next morning at breakfast, Matthew Edgars asked, "Ralf, do you need me to go with you to deliver the benevolences* to the landlord?"

"No, I best be going alone as usual.  Lord Vincent don't take too kindly to strangers", said Ralf.

"There's always talk at the alehouse about that one.  His  odd behavior that is", said Jonathan.

"Lord Vincent stays in that big castle all to himself.  I wonder if he ever comes out", said Raulin.

"Has anyone besides Father ever seen him", said Garath.

"I've heard that he's an exceptionally handsome man", said Isabel Edgar.

What DOES Lord Vincent look like, Ralf?", asked Anne.

"Lord Vincent is just a man, like any other with expensive clothes of velvet and silk", said Ralf, "There's nothing odd about that.  If I was as wealthy as him, I'd wear velvet and silk, too."

After breakfast Raulin helped Ralf load the  wagon, which contained the landlord's part of their weekly produce, milk and fish.

No matter how many times he had seen Castle Dargan, Ralf was always in awe of its beauty and size.

Lord Vincent was sitting in the courtyard practicing chess.
When Ralf approached, he asked him to join him in a game.

"Ralf, how long have you been coming here?", he asked.

"Since my father passed away, going on five years now", answered Ralf.
"Your father was a wonderful man.  Did he tell you, we had become good friends?", asked Lord Vincent.
"No, he never mentioned it", said Ralf.
"Won't you join me for dinner", said Lord Vincent.
"Yes, don't mind if I do", said Ralf.

"I need to hire a housekeeper.  Do you know a trustworthy lady in the village who might want the position?", asked Lord Dargan.

"There's a widow lady who might be what you need", said Ralf, "Her name is Rachael Smith."

Bring her around tomorrow, if you will", he said.

"Thank you for the meal", said Ralf, "I must be getting on home."

"Don't forget to ask Rachael about the position", he said.
"No, I won't forget, Lord Vincent", said Ralf.

As soon as Ralf returned to Willow Creek, he ran into Rachael Smith.
"Rachael, may I speak with you?", he asked.
"Of course", said Rachael, "What is it you want?"

"The landlord is looking for a housekeeper and I recommended you for the position", said Ralf, "I hope that was alright."

"Yes, thank you, Ralf", she said, "I need a way to earn some money."

To be continued . . .

Payments to the landlord were called benevolences or aids - expressions of friendship rather than the law.  But were payments one could not refuse.

The title Lord Of the Manor is a titular feudal dignity.  The holder is entitled to call himself  Lord along with his personal name. The landlord's wife may use the title Lady along with her personal name.
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:25 pm
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The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 3

The following morning at Willow Creek . . .

Rachael Smith told her daughters, "I'm going to apply for the position as Lord Vincent's housekeeper. Ralf is going to introduce me to him today."

"You're lucky to have been recomended by Ralf. Lord Vincent wouldn't hire a complete stranger otherwise", said Matilda Holt.

"What about us?", asked Beautrix.

"Where are we going to live?", asked Alyson.

"If I'm lucky enough to get the position, you girls will continue to live here", answered Rachael, "You're both quite capable of taking care of yourselves."

"I think you will be fortunate to be able to live in a castle", said Sadie Ousby.
"If I were wealthy, I would build you your own castle", said her husband Jasper.

"I don't think it's fair for Lord Vincent to be so wealthy and for us to be so poor", said Abra Ousby.

"Lord Vincent inherited his wealth and position when his father died. He's entitled to it", said Ralf, who had just come in the door.

"Why didn't we get wealthy when our father died?", asked Lucas Holt.

"Because Father was a poor peasant, just like all of us here in Willow Creek", said Ben Holt.

"Are you ready, Rachael?", asked Ralf, "We need to be leaving."

"Do you think Lord Vincent will like me?", Rachael asked Ralf.
"Don't worry, he'll like you", said Ralf.

They walked for several miles until they finally arrived at Castle Dargan.

"The castle is even more beautiful up close", said Rachael.
"Every time I come up here I can never get over how beautiful and imposing it is", said Ralf.

Lord Vincent came out to greet Ralf.
"I presume that woman is the widow lady you spoke of", he said.
"Yes, that's Rachael Smith", answered Ralf.
"She's very beautiful", said Lord Vincent.

"Ralf introduced Rachael to Lord Vincent.
"Since you come highly recomended by Ralf, the position is yours, that is if you want it?"
"Yes, thank you I do."

"Thank you for bringing Rachael to me", said Lord Vincent, "She's exactly what I need."

Then Ralf left to go home hoping he hadn't made a mistake by bringing Rachael to meet Lord Vincent.

After Ralf left Rachael followed Lord Vincent into the kitchen.
"Your duties as housekeeper will be quite simple. There's really not that much to do except keep everything tidy, do the laundry and cook the meals", said Lord Vincent.

"That's really quite a lot, but I'm capable of handling it", she said.

"Yes, I suspect you are", Lord Vincent thought to himself.

To be continued . . .

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:29 pm
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The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 4

At Castle Dargan, Lord Vincent has hired Rachael Smith, one of the peasant women from Willow Creek to be his live-in housekeeper.

"I've never in my whole life seen such a huge place", she said.
"It's actually rather small for a castle", he said.

After showing her the rest of the castle, Lord Vincent showed her to a beautifully furnished bedroom.
"This room, a small setting room and toilet are for your use", he said, "There's some clothes in the trunk at the foot of the bed that should fit you."
"Are you sure the owner won't mind me wearing her clothes?", asked Rachael.
"I'm sure. Join me in the kitchen when you've finished changing", he said.

After she changed into one of the dresses from the trunk, Rachael joined Lord Vincent in the kitchen.
"This is delicious.  You're a very good cook", she said.
"I learned out of neccessity", he said.

After they had finished supper, Rachael joined Lord Vincent in the livingroom.
"How long have you been a widow?", he asked.
"My husband Edward died nearly two years ago", she said.
"Did you have childern with him?", he asked.
"I have two daughters who live in the village", she said.
"Will they be alright without you there?", he asked.
"Beautrix and Alyson are quite capable of looking after themselves."

"Lord Vincent, I do need to ask if I'm able to have Sundays off?  I'd like to be able to visit my daughters", she said.
"Of course", he said.

"Thank you for supper and a lovely evening", said Rachael, "I'll have your breakfast ready in the morning when you get up."
"Yes, I'll see you then", he said, "Goodnight, Rachael."

"Goodnight Lord Vincent!", she called as she was leaving the room.

Rachael was soon sound asleep on the unusually soft comfortable bed.

Vincent thought about his conversation with Rachael.  She had been a widow long enough to be pass mourning her husband and just long enough to be wanting male companionship.  

He stood in front of the portrait of a beautiful fair haired woman and began to cry.

"I know I promised, but I can't do this anymore", he cried, "An eternity is an awfully long time.".

Meanwhile over at Willow Creek, Ralf had returned home and Sarah was waiting for him.

"Do you feel like posing for your portrait now?", she asked.
"Yes, if that's what you want", he said.

Ralf stood and posed for Sarah.  The picture on the canvas was a remarkable likeness of him.

Sarah had painted longer than she should and was getting tired.
"I think I'll have a nap before supper", she said, "I'll paint some more tomorrow."
"Have a good rest my love", said Ralf.

Anne and Jonathan Fenton were on their way over.  Anne had gotten in the habit of cooking supper for the Wylde family along with her own.
"Jonathan I have something to tell you", said Anne.
"You look serious.  What is it you want to tell me?", he said.
"We're going to be having us another little mouth to feed", she said.
"A baby?", he asked.
"Yes a baby.  What else would you think", she said.

"I hope this one is a son", he said as he rubbed Anne's belly.
"Anne was releaved that Jonathan was happy about the baby.

Anne prepared supper for the two families and they all gathered around the table.
"Me and Anne have a bit of news to share.  We're going to have a baby", said Jonathan.

"I'm happy for you both.  I would like to have another baby if my health would permit", said Sarah.

"At least you were able to give Ralf two healthy sons.  I hope this baby will be a male.  I think every man should have a son", she said.

"I'm looking forward to having a little brother or sister.  I can get some practice before I have a baby of my own", said Olivia.

"You best be finding yourself a husband first", said Ralf.
"I've found him, he just doesn't know it yet", she said.

"I'm going on to bed", said Sarah.
"I'll be in later.  I got to check on the animals", said Ralf.

"I'll check on them. You go on in with Sarah", said Jonathan.

When Anne was alone with Ralf, she whispered in his ear, "You do realize this baby might be yours. Don't you?"

To be continued . . .  

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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:22 pm
Thanks so much to sharing your stories.  Much enjoyable reading.   extrahappy


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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:07 pm
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
Thank you so much for your comments and your help.

Scorpio Posts : 548
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:31 pm
Oh My!  You are so very welcome huni!  I never - ever grow tired of reading your wonderful stories.   coffeeread   I can burn the midnite oil reading them over and over again.  giggle   I have always, and continue to just get so wrapped up in them every time.  I thoroughly enjoyed Chapter 4. Your pictures are just amazing, Daisy...  extrahappy   I had to chuckle about the appearance of Anne, and she looked like a "Real - Life" Prego person... giggle   strut  

Now tell me hun, are your pics from the online TS2?  They seem to be more clear and sharper. Just wonderful, hun.  goofigirl    Did you build the Castle Dargan? Great Job if you did.  That's awesome...  confetti    Oh, and cool name "Beautrix"   lafflol    Sarah is quite an artist.

Anywho, knowing me, I will be reading these many times  over. Not because I didn't understand anything, I just enjoy reading them.  The first time is usually a 'Speed Read'.  The 2nd, 3rd, 4th,,,, all others after the 1st time is just to let everything soak into the brain.   Very Happy   :lol:   again my love...   thankyou     hug


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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:40 pm
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
The pictures are just the ones I take in game. I edit them in Photobucket. The castle is actually The Globe Theatre in Veronaville. The house where the Summerdreams live.
Thank you again my friend.

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:42 pm

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 5

At Castle Dargan, several weeks have passed since Rachael Smith was hired as Lord Vincent's housekeeper . . .

Every morning Rachael fixes breakfast for Lord Vincent and herself, as he insist she join him for all meals.

After breakfast Rachael cleaned up the kitchen and did the laundry.

She cleaned all three bathrooms.

She made up Lord Vincent's bed.

There was a lot of work to keeping a castle clean.

Not that Lord Vincent was concerned, he practiced painting . . .

Played the piano . . .

And exercised while Rachael did the housework.

"Lord Vincent, I've finished the housework. Supper will be ready in an hour", said Rachael.
"I'm not in a hurry to eat. I need to take a bath and change clothes first", he said.
"Yes, I need to do the same", she said.

Rachael prepared supper.

When she served Lord Vincent, he looked up at her and said, "That dress matches your beautiful green eyes."
"Thank you for noticing", she said.

After they finished eating, Lord Vincent asked Rachael to join him.
"Are you going to visit your daughters tomorrow?", he asked.
"Yes, I go every Sunday, remember?", she answered.

"Come over here", he said.

"Rachael, you're doing a good job as my housekeeper", he said, "There's not too much for you to do, is it?"
"No, I like staying busy, Lord Vincent", she said.

"You don't have to call me Lord Vincent when we're alone. Vincent will be fine", he said.
"Alright, I will", she said.
"It's getting late. I won't keep you any longer", he said.
"Thank you Vincent. I intend to get an early start tomorrow", she said.

Very early the following morning, Rachael left to go to Willow Creek.

After a long walk, Rachael came to the village. Nothing had changed, but conpared to Castle Dargan it looks even more shabby than before. Alyson ran to her mother and gave her a hug.
"I missed you so much", she said.
"I missed you too", said Rachael.

Then Beatrix gave her a hug.

Rachael sit on the bench with her daughters and talked about everything and anything.

Anne Fenton's time had come to give birth. She was outside watering the apple trees when she started into labor.

She delivered a beautiful baby boy with tan skin, grey eyes and brown hair. She named him Caleb.

She handed the baby to her husband Jonathan.
"We have a son", she said.

Jonathan looked at the infant. Then he handed him back to Anne and walked away.

Anne hadn't "covered her tracks" as well as she thought.

Jonathan has brown eyes, she has blue and Caleb has grey like his father Ralf Wylde.

To be continued...

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:45 pm

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 6

Anne handed the baby to her daughter Olivia.
"Take your little brother inside and give him a bottle of milk. It will be good practice for you", she said.

Olivia fed Caleb a bottle of milk.

"You sure are a pretty little thing. I wonder why our father was so upset when he saw you", she said.

"Ralf, Jonathan suspects that he's not Caleb's father. It's just a matter of time before he notices that you're the only man in the village that has gray eyes", said Anne.

"What do you want me to do about it?", he asked.
"I'll think of something", she said, "If he asks did you and me do . . .well you know. Tell him no. Just deny everything."

Ralf ran into Rachael in the barn.
"How's the job as housekeeper working out for you?", he asked.

"It's working out just fine. There's plenty to do and the pays enough so I can support my girls", she said.

On Monday morning Rachael told Alyson and Beatrix goodbye.
"Mother I wish you could stay here with us", said Beatrix.
"You know that's not possible. I'll come back next Sunday", she said.

Then Rachael left to go back to Castle Dargan.

After a long walk Rachael was able to see the castle in all it's glory. It was indeed a beautiful place.

She was halfway up the walk when she saw Vincent coming toward her. He took her breath away. She didn't think she had ever seen a more beautiful man than him.
"The man and his castle, a perfect match", she thought to herself.

He grabbed her and gave her a hug.
"I was afraid you weren't coming back", he said.

"Of course I was coming back. I just left long enough to visit my daughters", she said.

"Did you eat yet?", she asked.
"No I was waiting for you to come home", he said.
"Well I'll have something ready in a little while", she said.

Rachael prepared pork chops for herself and Vincent.
"How are your daughters getting along?", he asked.
"They miss not having me with them all the time, but they're adjusting", she said.
"How old are they?", he asked.
"Beatrix is sixteen and Alyson is fifteen and quite capable of taking care of theirselves. I was married by the time I was Beatrix's age", she said.

After they finished their meal, Rachael sit with Vincent on the sofa in the study.
"Rachael do you like living here", he asked.
"Yes, this castle is much nicer than anywhere I've ever lived before", she said.
"I'm glad you like it. Maybe you won't ever want to leave", he said.

Vincent asked Rachael to come sit closer. He put his arm around her shoulders.
"Rachael do you know what I am?", he asked.
"Yes, you're the wealthy landlord of Willow Creek", she said, "And a very handsome one at that."
"Yes I'm a landlord and yes I'm wealthy", he said.

"You forgot to say 'I'm a very handsome man'", she said, while nuzzeling his neck.
"Alright, I'm a very handsome man", he laughed.

Then Vincent surprised her with a romantic kiss on the lips.

But when he tried to give her a makeout kiss . . .

She pushed him away.
"No Vincent!", she screamed.

"I'm not some scarlet woman you can have your way with", she said.

"Goodnight Vincent. I'll see you in the morning", Rachael said, as she was walking out.

Rachael went to bed and was soon sound asleep.

Vincent went upstairs into the family crypt and stood before the portrait of Tess.
"Tess, I can't keep my promise", he said, "I've found someone else.".

Then all of a sudden, the ghost of Tess jumped up out of her urn

To be continued . . .

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:48 pm

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 7

At Castle Dargan, Vincent was surprised by the ghost of his deceased wife.

"Vincent, how can you replace me so quickly? We promised there would never be anyone but each other", said Tess.

"I mourned for you for the past ten years. I can't mourn forever", he said.

She gave him a passionate kiss, but all Vincent could do was remember how it used to feel.

"Tess. I want the kind of life we had. I think I can have that with Rachael. Please don't interfere", he said.

Then Vincent walked out, leaving Tess alone in the dark lonely crypt.

When he saw Rachael in the hall, he said "Rachael I need to talk to you. Will you join me in the garden?"
"Alright Vincent", she said.

They walked out into the garden together.

"I need to tell you something. I'm not a man like the others. I'm a vampire", he said.
"But I thought vampires couldn't come outside in the sunlight and they drink human blood", she said.
"You're right Rachael. Most vampires can't tolerate the sunlight and they do drink human blood, but I'm a True Blood. I'm able to walk in daylight, eat and father childern. The only difference in me and human men are the gifts of immortality and strength", he explained.
"How did you become a vampire?", she asked.

"One night I was walking out here in the garden when a beautiful woman came up to me and asked for directions. We started talking and before I knew what had happened, she bit me on my neck. That was over nine years ago", he said.
"Does anyone else know?", asked Rachael.
"No, I didn't tell anybody what happened that night", he said.

"Will you still be my housekeeper now that you know what I am?", he asked.
"Yes, I'm not afraid to be here with you. I trust you Vincent", she said.

Over at Willow Creek . . .

Ralf watched his wife as she slept. His beautiful Sarah was getting paler and weaker every day.

He carefully straightened the covers so as not to awaken her.

He tried to prepare his sons for the inevitable. He told them their mother had but a short time left.

Garath and Raulin stood at the bedroom door and looked over at their mother and knew that their father was telling the truth. Neither of the boys could remember a time when she wasn't sick.

While Ralf was dealing with the impending death of his wife, Jonathan was dealing with his own demons.

He told his wife Anne, "I don't feel the same as I did when Olivia was born. There's just something not right about Caleb having gray eyes. Are you sure I'm his father?"

"Of course you're his father. As to his eyes being gray, my mother had gray eyes", she said, "Don't you remember?"
"No I didn't remember. I'm sorry for doubting you", he said.

A short time later, Caleb grew up looking even more like his father. Anne was proud to have such a beautiful son and . . .

Jonathan had become so attached to the baby that he didn't see or want to see Caleb's resemblance to his friend Ralf.

Although the Fenton's daughter Olivia noticed how much her little brother favored Ralf, she kept her suspicions to herself.

She was more interested in Ralf's oldest son Raulin than worrying about his maybe youngest son Caleb.

To be continued . . .

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:53 pm

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 8

Over at Willow Creek there has been no improvement in Ralf's wife Sarah's condition. It's only a matter of time before she is taken away from him forever.

When Ralf went in to check on Sarah, she asked him to lay beside her and hold her until she fell asleep. He did as she asked and soon fell asleep with Sarah in his arms.

Sometime in the early morning Sarah awoke and sit up in bed.
"Yes, I'm ready to go. I'm so tired of waiting", she said, talking to someone who only she could see.

She stood up, clutched her stomach and called Ralf's name.

Then she fell in a heap to the floor beside the bed.

When Ralf heard Sarah call his name, he woke up but it was too late to say a last goodbye or give her a last kiss. He mourned for Sarah even though her death was expected.

After Ralf buried his wife of nineteen years, he took a bath to wash away the smell of death.

A plain stone headstone was placed on Sarah's grave under one of the weeping willow trees on the furthest part of the lot.

Their friends and neighbors took time from their labors to mourn Sarah and console Ralf.

Olivia Fenton was there to console Raulin and help him deal with his mother's death.

And Olivia's little brother Caleb was unaffected by the death of his neighbor. All of his attention was on playing with the toy Ark his father had made for him.

At Castle Dargan Rachael Smith was seemingly unperturbed by Vincent's confession of a few days ago. He had admitted to being a vampire. Rachael trusted him and saw no reason to be afraid.

"I'm going on to bed. I'm rather tired", said Rachael.

"The work here isn't too much for you is it?", asked Vincent, "I could see about hiring someone to come in during the day to help."
"No it's not too much for me", she answered.

"Goodnight Vincent", she said.
"Goodnight Rachael", he said.

Vincent went to bed shortly after Rachael, but the ghost of Tess climbed into bed with him and the chill awakened him. He jumped up out of bed.

"Vincent my love what's the matter. You use to like for me to lay close to you", she said.
"You're not the same as you were", he said.

"Is this better?", she said, becoming visable for a few moments . . .

Then disappeared leaving Vincent with his arms around nothingness.

Finding it impossible to go back to sleep, he went downstairs and started playing the piano. The music always seemed to relax him.

The piano music had awakened Rachael from her slumber.
"Vincent, are you alright. It's the middle of the night", she said.
"I'm sorry. I didn't think. I'd gotten so use to being alone before you came", he said.

He held her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

Vincent swooped her up in his strong arms and . . .

Carried her upstairs to his private quarters. He laid her on the soft velvet covers as gently as he could. He gave her a long passionate kiss.

"Is it alright?", he asked.
"Yes", she answered.

"You're an incredible lover Vincent. Ii's never felt that way with any man before", she said.

"Rachael, I'm not a man. I'm a vampire", he said.

To be continued . . .

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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:55 pm

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 9

Having made love until the wee hours of the morning, Rachael and Vincent slept until noon the following day.

Rachael woke up and turned toward Vincent.
"Good morning", he said.
"Good morning? It's almost afternoon", she said.
"Time is unimportant. We can stay in bed all day if we want", he teased.
"Maybe you can, but I've got work to do", she said.

"What's so important that you don't have time to give me a kiss?", he asked.
"I have to fix us something to eat. Aren't you hungry? I'm starving", she said.

Vincent gave her a long lingering kiss.

"I'm going to take a bath while you're fixing our meal", he said.
"Alright but don't take too long", she said.

Vincent took a quick bath, not wanting to displease Rachael.

"It's ready", she said, "Have a seat and I'll serve it."

"Will you be going to visit your daughters tomorrow?", he asked.
"Yes, you know I go every Sunday. They catch me up on the latest gossip", she said.
"And what would that be?", asked Vincent.
"Oh just the usual little things. Did you know that Jonathan Fenton's wife had a baby boy a few weeks ago?", she asked.
"Really, they must be happy about that. Is the child healthy?", he asked.
"I guess he's as healthy as can be expected with the conditions being as they are", said Rachael.

After they finished their meal, Vincent hugged Rachael and said "It's a beautiful day. Let's go sit in the garden."
"Vincent I have some cleaning to do today", she said.

There was a knock at the kitchen door. Rachael looked out and saw her daughter Beatrix standing on the stoop.
"It's my daughter", she told Vincent.
"Well ask her to come in", he said.

As soon as Beatrix stepped into the kitchen she said "Mother, Sarah Wylde died this morning."
"Oh no", said Rachael, "I had hoped she would get better."

"Lord Vincent, this is my daughter Beatrix. She came to tell me Ralf Wylde's wife died this morning", said Rachael.
"Ralf told me she was in bad health", he said, "I didn't realize how bad.".

"May I go back to Willow Creek with Beatrix? I'd like to be there for Sarah's family and my neighbors", she said.
"Yes of course", he said, "Be sure to give Ralf my condolences."
"Why don't you come and deliver them yourself?", she said.

Then Lord Vincent, Rachael and Beatrix left to go to the peasant village

Over at Willow Creek Ralf was planting some purple flowers on Sarah's grave. Purple had been her favorite color.

He stood at the grave and mourned for his wife. Ralf had been a good and faithful husband to Sarah for sixteen years, except for that one time with Anne Fenton.

Seeing Ralf standing alone by Sarah's grave, Anne came over to chat with him.
"Ralf if you get lonely and want to . . . well you know. I'm available.

"Don't you be talking like that right here at Sarah's grave. Your Jonathan ain't dead. Try being a good wife to him for a change. You're lucky to have somebody like him who accepts Caleb as his own. I don't know if I could have done it!", shouted Ralf.

To be continued . . .

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:57 pm
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The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 10

Ralf saw two women and a man approuching.  "I don't believe it", he thought to himself.  

The man with Rachael and Beatrix was none other than Lord Vincent.  He most certainly looked out of place in his silk shirt, velvet suit and fine leather boots.  In all his thirty-four years, Ralf had never known a landlord to come to Willow Creek.  

"Ralf I've come to pay my respects to your Sarah and offer my condolences to you", said Lord Vincent.
"Thank you Lord Vincent", said Ralf.

"Ralf I'm sorry Sarah passed away.  I had hoped and prayed that she would get better", said Rachael.
"I guess it just won't meant to be", he said.

Ralf introduced Lord Vincent to his sons Raulin and Gareth.

When Lord Vincent was leaving he gave Ralf a friendly hug.
"I envy you having two fine sons to carry on your name", he said.

"I'll be home Monday morning the same as usual", said Rachael.
"Good, I don't think I could do without you longer than that", he said.

As Vincent was leaving he took a good look around.  He was appalled by the living onditions of the peasants. "I had no idea it was this bad", he thought to himself.

Ralf's oldest son Raulin was out in the yard with the Fenton's daughter Olivia.
"I love you", she said.
"I love you too Olivia", he said, "And I know I ain't got much else to offer you but. . .."

"Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?", he asked.

"Oh yes, I was hoping you would ask me", she said.

When Ralf came out into the yard, Raulin told him he wanted to marry Olivia.
"Well you're both old enough to know what you want.  Your mama and me were about your age when we got married", said Ralf.

"I can't think of a better man for my Olivia than your son", said Jonathan, "I hope they'll be as happy as me and Anne have been."
"I wish my Sarah had lived long enough to see them married", said Ralf.

Caleb was outside running around.  He's loved by everybody in the village and doesn't want for attention.

Rachael had gone out to the barn to milk the cow and felt slightly nauseous from the smells.
"Oh no, could I be with child?", she wondered.

To be continued . . .
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Re: The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 2

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