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  • 20180908
    Hello, Simmer's Gardeners,  we have a few new additions to the Profile page.

    • How/where did you hear about Simmer's Garden?
    • Game(s) I'm playing

    Feel free to update your Profiles with these new additions.

    ~SG Staff
  • 20150517
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  • 20150824
    Daisy and Shea Todd Get Engaged & Married!
    Ohhhhh, Happy Day!  extrahappy   After that first smacka rouuuu on the lips from Ms. Daisy, 

    Shea Todd could not think of living his life with non other than his beloved, Daisy Greenman.   So he hops down on one knee and pops the question.   bravo

    With a song in his heart and stars in his eyes, he gives Daisy that...
  • 20181108
    This is Daisy Greenman & Shea Todd's First Child.
    lucky lucky  lucky 

    This is my "Todd" family, and welcome to the newest "Greenman" offspring.  

    This is the life of, NooBoo – Dazie Todd, and...
  • 20160317
    hello  Everyone!  This is Daisy and her new family I played on my husband's comp.  

    Daisy has married homie Sim - Alejando Jalowitz and they have a bby girl named, Tulip.  I've got a lot of catching up with my Plant Family.  I really enjoy playing them.


    Daisy – BBy Tulip – Alejando Jalowitz
  • 20160317
    This is my Greenman Family from my old comp...

    Rose and Jason Sr – Family Bonding

    Here's one of those family get together's with the Greenman's to catch up on the gossip.  I'm sure there will be more of these moments as Daisy's goal is to have 10 kids.   afraid  This is the family from...
  • 20150823

    My Wolfe girls have grown up to beautiful Teens.  They are both well adjusted, A+ Students.   I got their father from Ms. Daisy!  
  • 20150823
    These are the houses I remodeled for my Greenman Kids.   heartpump   I soooo Love  heartpump 

     playing my Plant Peeps!  Check out my "Spoilers"  to see more snaps.  
  • 20150823

    Stacy Adams (My Simmie) and Homie (Jess Lajoie), lived in my created hood, Paytonville.

    Stacy is my creation, and she meant Jess, wondering...
  • 20150913
    Guys!  I wanna share My Sim, Irfan & his Alien Son - Onyx!

    My Sim, was abducted and was returned to earth - with child.  I am unable to post the pics of that grand abduction as my Fraps was on the blink!   groan   Maybe next time.  I am happy though, to share the birth of my (Irfan's), beautiful Alien BBy with you.  Hope you like my little accounts of the event!  

    And now the Journey...
  • 20150823
    This is my Wilbourn Family.  

    Pixi and Duane just moved into their first home, and Pixi's ready to start a family.  Duane wants to wait until he can find a good job before thinking about a family.

    Pixi's meeting friends and enjoying their new home, but she really want to have a BBy.  Well, Duane finally found a job, so now there's nothing stopping them now.   Check out my 'Spoiler' for more stuff...
  • 20150824
    My 1st Viewed Space Ship...
    This is my quiet little town - Riverblossom Hills.  Snow makes this quiet little town a Winter Wonderland!  Check out my 'Spoiler' for more snaps!  extrahappy

  • 20150823

    This is my Count Victor Trant & Countess Victoria Trant.  

    They just moved into their new...
  • 20160602
    My Wray Family!

    Finally playing my Sims 4.  Mostly the families that are preset.  They are interesting. Still learning how to apply some of the cheats though. Taking Baby steps.  I was playing my "Wray Family", and noticed there are (3) family members, but only (2) bedrooms, so added a bedroom on the second...
  • 20181004
    Hello Everyone!  Meet my New Simmie "Abdullah"!  

    (Nancy's creation - tnx4sharing )

  • 20181028

  • 20181012
    hello  Everyone!   welcome3  I've been updating my 'Blog'.   Adding new, and/or, missing pics and stories of my Simmies.  There are still more changes and additions to come!   Enjoy and thanks for stopping by...   mickeywave
  • 20181009
    hello  everyone!  Welcome to the life of my sim, "Raymond Pereira"!  

    To bring you up to speed on what has happened with my simmie since I started...
  • 20181009
    This is my, Terrie B. simmie!  

    She used to be super Fat, but I had her working her booty off, and now look at her!  Terrie B. is actually my daughter's - Sim Selfie!  
  • 20180905
    I wanted to share my "Childs Family

    I enjoyed playing in my Sims 2.  I'm sad 
  • 20180817
    Well, figured it's time to give it a go in my Sims 3.  Wasn't too bad, at least I figured out how to work the change of outfits.   giggle  But after I bought my Sims some new clothes and got her a career, my gurl had a birthday and got Old!  hilarious   What the heck!   I gotta figure out how to turn off the aging or up the aging process.
  • 20180820
    This is my Kennedy Family.  This is the simmie who grew old 'fast', and I was able to restore her back to her adult state... cheers

  • 20180820

    Have been enjoying playing, Gobias Koffi simmie.  He just had his first kiss and woohoo with the maid, Kate.  cheers  And he's been going to work with no problems.  But he wanted to change jobs again, so was gonna put him into, Politics.   He wouldn't...
  • 20180813
    Hello2 everyone!  It's been a long time since I've blogged so gonna fill you in on my game.  I've finally jumped back into my Sims3, but not liking it much.  Mad  It's hard to figured out how to build and change the clothes on my simmies.  Just play the game at all.  
  • 20170829
    Hello Everyone!   mickeywave Just letting you know that I have 'Updated' all of my Vacation & Residential Lots, and Photos.   A new download button is also available and working.   If...
  • 20170828

    Hey y'all!  
  • 20170828
    hello everyone!  I just wanted to stop by and say, "HI"   mickeywave and hope everyone is having a Blessed Day!  I miss y'all so much and I'm still pretty busy unpacking!  Yep, still got lots of stuff in boxes, and it will be 1-yr next month.  Can't believe how...
  • 20160603
    I've really enjoyed playing my Sims 4 this past week.  I decided to take a small break from my organizing and downsizing. whacky  I noticed they have New Hair and Clothes, so decided to give my simmies some much needed make overs.  I  heartpump  all of the new hair they have added.   extrahappy...
  • 20160517
    Playing my Sims4...
    Hello everyone!  mickeywave   It has been quite a while since I've played any of my Sims Games.  In the process of trying to get things in order around my home so I can Sell and Buy a new home.  So i'm sure everyone knows how stressful and time consuming that can be. goofigirl  Not to forget that my home has all of a sudden developed a much unwanted "Pipe Leak".  So that adds to my stress.  Anywho, I popped on and played my Sims 4, for maybe...
  • 20160317
    Arkna Wolfe - Daisy's Male Simmie...
    The Wolfe Family!

    This is my "Wolfe" Family. This is one of Dasiy's handsome male Sims that she has shared.  My Arkna has married, beautiful Ashley and now have a beautiful BBy Girl - Arial.   She has her mother's eyes and skin tone.  

    Daisy's Male Sims made some Beautiful BBy's!

    Arkna Wolfe

  • 20160317
    This is Jessie Greenman.  

    Rose and Jason's child, actually, it's Jason's 1st bby, as Plant bby's have no relations to humans.  The only thing they may share is the surname. dancer Bummer!  

  • 20160206
    Ts2 Remake Lot for Sims 4!

    I thought it would be interesting to see what my Sims 2 lots would look like in Sims 4.  They look okay, but a lot of the things (cc's) that make my lots pop are missing in my Sims 4  
  • 20160201
     wowspring   My oh myyyy!  I can't believe, I've finally been able to log onto my Sims 3!  lol1   After 5 years, I can finally see what it's about.  The snaps below are of my very first Sims 3 character, "Maredith Cross".    lafflol   It was interesting while creating...
  • 20160122
    City House Revised...
    - Remake of Phoebe's House -

      hello    Y'all!   mickeywave  Me again, bringing you...
  • 20151214

    Rita...My first simmie made…


  • 20151214
    This is my new Grandma and Grand pa for my Sims 4 game.  Meet Kimberly and Dennis Smith.

    *********** flower2 **********

  • 20151214
    hello   Meet my first Japenses Sim, ever. "Maurice Suzuki"  He's new for Sims4!

  • 20150904
    Johnny & Kacie Engle-Zest...

    Hi Y'all!   mickeywave   This is my "Zest Family" I play in, Oasis Springs.  Johnny Zest was a loner, until he met and fell in  heartpump   love  
  • 20150831
    I played my, "Rodney Green" for a while today.  Check him out!  thumbsup

    Have been playing my Sims4 and getting acquainted with my game. Must say, it has been quite enjoyable, playing again.  Have been playing, "Terrie B." as you well know.  Making fun videos of her, and now have moved on...
  • 20150831
    This is my new family created in Belladonna Cove!  I can’t wait to play them, as I match them up by using “Lilly’s Match List.”


  • 20150831
    Sims 2 Family...

    Justin is Rose's 7th child and 5th PlantBaby!  I just totally  heartpump   having and playing Plant BBy's!!!!   extrahappy

    Justin Greenman...

  • 20150824
    I love my Plant Peeps! ;)
    mickeywave   I must say, it's time for my Daisy Greenman to find a man. 

    Daisy looks at him and thinks, "Ohhhh Myyyy!  This man is sooo gorgeous."  
  • 20150824
    Account of Joselyn's last day at home.
    Joselyn is a beautiful A+ Student at Belladonna High, and setting her sights on a career in Law.   

    -Rose looks at her daughter with such pride and admiration, and doesn't regret for
    one minute having her.

  • 20150823
    This is Devan's journey to becoming a child.  Dad holding him just before he grows into a child.   cheers

    Devan starts his journey to becoming a Child…   
  • 20150823
    Belladonna Cove

    Here are some shots of the hoods found in my game.  I've added trees and different buildings and landscaping to my hoods.  In my Veronaville and Steelwater Resort hoods, I've added a lot of trees to sort of resemble, "Lake Tahoe CA", which is a ski resort, and it has lots of pine trees....
  • 20150822
    Hello Everyone!  cheers  I am back into playing my games and having a down-right awesome time.  Very Happy   I am currently playing my Sims4 game and reacquainting myself with all of the Cheats, Mouse Control stuff, Revising and "Flipping" my Sims homes.  

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